Another Random bit of Resin Necro-40k-Sci-Fi Terrain

Another bit of random resin terrain, I believe from the same secondhand batch I got a previous piece from. Not exactly Sector Mechanicus stuff, it’s generic enough to fit into most any Sci-Fi setting I want to use it for, and could possibly even fit into some moderns if surrounded by enough other low-key industrial parts.

I started this at the end of Dave Stone’s terrain challenge last month and actually finished it a few days into September. I’ve got a bunch more to show over (hopefully) the next few days. I may not have been actively blogging, but I have been doing some painting, so there’s that!

11 thoughts on “Another Random bit of Resin Necro-40k-Sci-Fi Terrain

  1. Another great piece mate, excellent use of the crackle medium, looks like the paint has reacted to a fuel or lubricant.
    Good to hear you have been painting even if you haven’t had time to blog, and always great to see what you’ve been up to when you get the chance

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    • Chers, Dave. I was having a play around with the medium to see if I could remember exactly what I did with the earlier pieces. Not quite the same, but it looks alright anyway, so it’s all good on this one.

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    • Thanks Pete – that’s what I like about the more generic (and older) scenery bits that were made as Not-40k pieces. They have a wide feel to them, rather than everything being festooned with ridiculous amounts of skulls and aquilas. (Which is also fine on some pieces, but not on every bloody thing!)

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  2. I think Pete’s on the money about the Star Wars vibe. I was looking at this one and trying to think why I like it and why it doesn’t look like your standard 40k terrain and I think that is it. Regardless of that, I really like how you painted and it this is perfect piece of scatter terrain. You can thrown it down just about anywhere and it will look great!

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