Reaper Bones 77144: Mummy (Gender-Ambiguous March ’19)

Reaper Bones 77144: Mummy

Yeah, I’m way behind in posting stuff for this month. So here’s the first batch – some Mummies from Reaper Bones, via one of their Kickstarter campaigns. I did these using a different method to the usual ways I paint mummies. More of a lighter set of bandages, and a darker wash to create more of a contrast. These figures are the ideal type to experiment on, as they’re basically disposable garbage models. These were one of the sets of models that inspired the challenge for March, as desiccated, bandage-wrapped walking corpses are pretty much a definition of “gender-ambiguous”. They make a pretty good unit for Kings of War, which makes it all the more unfortunate that the models are so rubbish. Ah well!

I want my… Mummy! Unit.

HeroQuest Mummies, Dark World Mummies

A bit of a mini-update today. A small unit of mummies. These were painted some unknown number of years ago on square green-flocked based, and rebased to my current style last year. I’m not even sure if they got touched up in terms of paint. Later last year they were drafted into my wife’s KoW Undead army, when I had to create an undead army out of existing painted figures in a day. Of course, KoW “officially” uses 20mm bases on mummies, so a Troop of five is on a 100mm frontage x 20mm depth stand. Four mummies based on 25mm round bases gives me the same frontage and +5mm depth – which is well within reasonable for a movement tray, so good enough for our games.

HeroQuest Mummies, Dark World Mummies

The “hands down” mummies are from my original copy of HeroQuest, cut off their original square bases and stuck onto citadel-style ones. The “reach out and touch someone” mummies are from a boardgame whose name I cannot remember, but it was from the same era, had a bunch of miniatures, and some temple scenery that I keep recognising in people’s collections and batreps from time to time. Dark-something? I’m sure someone will remember. (2016 Edit – Dark World) Anyway, quite decent mummies. I have a few of the official Kings of War mummies from the Kickstarter, but they don’t really appeal to me. I’ll probably look at them sometime this year and see if I can convert them more to my liking.

While these are nothing special in terms of wonderfully painted figures, they’re effective enough for what they are and do, and along with photographing everything I finish this year, I’m also planning to show off the armies as they get built up. Mostly, though – this post was inspired by seeing Tarmor and Subedai’s mummy-posts in the last few weeks with the same HeroQuest figures. So it’s also a “me too” post. 🙂