LotR Spiders – test model – Pre-Dip

So for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game, we have a vague plan to have a small force of almost every army. Not of the sizes you’d play a 1000-point battle or what have you, but enough for a variety of small games and also enough to play through many/most/all of the various scenarios found in the sourcebooks.

With that in mind, we’re also hoping to mostly use models that aren’t crap. Unfortunately, the GW LOTR spiders are indeed crap. Overpriced as well, but really the issue is that they’re awful models.

Luckily, the GW Goblin Spider Riders aren’t crap. Overpriced, yes, but I was lucky enough to get a set of 10 off a nice bloke selling off chunks of his O&G army, and also have another 10 on the way from an eBay parts seller. All I needed to do was toss the riders in a parts box and scrounge up a bunch of round 40mm bases.

Oh yeah, and come up with a colour scheme. Since my wife hates spiders, and I’m not exactly their biggest fan when I see one inside the house, I wanted to go for a scheme that was somewhat realistic, a bit revolting, visually striking at a distance, and also not likely to be mistaken for a real spider in the house. (I had to get rid of a great big Huntsman Spider in the lounge room the other day – not fun!)

I decided on going for a yellow, exotic, almost tropical spider look. I also thought dipping would work well as an effect to give it that glossy, slimy, “ewww” factor, as well as expediting their painting. I’m also not a huge fan of the “skull” onthe back of many of the goblins’ spiders, but since there are things in nature such as the Death’s Head Moths (right, Clarice?) and knowledge that any dip would just bring up the skull details anyway, I decided to incorporate the skull into an overall stippled pattern on the model.

I couldn’t decide between red eyes (the typical, standard “evil monster” look) or green, for a more natural or vaguely realistic look – I knew I wanted to avoid blue. When I saw my metallic green paint, I decided I found the colour to try out.

So after all that, here’s my concept model, before dipping:

I’ve been reading a bit about Army Painter brand dips recently, but will be giving this guy a dunk using an old can of Wattyl stain as that’s what I have in the shed (if I can find it). If the experiment works out okay, I’ll buy an actual can of the AP dip. Probably their “light” tone.

I know there’s some visible mould lines left on the figure. It wasn’t that easy at times to work out which lines were part of the GW angular “exoskeleton/carapace”-style sculpt and which just need to be trimmed. Since this is a colour concept figure I’ll get the others done more carefully. Now I’m off to go get wood stain on my hands!

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