Polish Resin 2 – Maxmini Steam Knight heads, Gothic Backpacks and Shields

Much the same as the last post, this is mainly so people can see what this stuff looks like in some decently-sized pictures and get some feedback. Like the Orc heads from my previous posting, these Steam Knight pieces are great.

Steam Knight heads

I haven’t taken close-ups of every one of them. You can see the designs on their website anyway. This is much more to show how they compare size-wise to GW’s marine heads and also to show how they fit on marine torsos. They’re a little taller and thinner than the standard, as they don’t have the large “ear/headset” sections of your standard marine helmets and are a little taller, but I think they fit in very well anyway. I plan to use some of them for Templars, possibly some for Grey Knights and some of them for Iron Warriors.

I’ll probably order another set or two, just to make sure I’ve got enough for my IWs.

Maxmini Gothic Backpacks

The Gothic Backpacks set gets you six (two of each) and while they’re not especially cheap, they’ll make great characterful backpacks for Templar marine armies. I’ve provided a comparison pic with Helbrecht’s backpack, a normal plastic marine backpack and also a chaos marine backpack. I probably won’t order another set of these, since I want them to stand out on character models (Chaplain, Techmarine(?), Emperor’s Champion, etc), though I might end up getting some more down the line for the unofficial squad leaders amongst the Neophytes and Sword Brethren.

I also picked up two different sets of Maxmini shields. I got a 10-pack of the Mechanical Shields, which is shown here by the larger one with the cross – as you can see, quite a decent size. They’re also offered as a 5-pack with 5 hammers but I passed on that since I think they offer better hammers elsewhere and I’d rather have twice the number of awesome shields than half as many with some merely “alright” hammers. (I wonder why you can’t get some Mk1 hammers mixed in with Mk2 ones in an order?).

The smaller round shields (Black Lotus Tribal Shields) also look good, and came in a 10-pack. Not sure where the name comes from, but with Eagle, Lion and Wreath designs on them, they have a nice strong “classical” look that will fit in with many space marine armies.

I’m really happy with all of the Maxminis stuff I picked up, and I’ll most likely make another order from them within the next couple of weeks.

That’s it for now! Next – Scibor.

2 thoughts on “Polish Resin 2 – Maxmini Steam Knight heads, Gothic Backpacks and Shields

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