Lt. Varras and Dr. Diana

A bit of a sci-fi diversion today. Two of the figures that have been taking up space on my desk and in a figure case for years are this pair. Lt. Varras from the Warhammer 40k 4th Edition “Battle for Macraggae” starter set. He’s also often simply known as “Imperial Pilot”. In any case, he’s been kicking around here for 11 years – and had his boots black and greatcoat grey for much of that time.

Lt. Varras, Imperial Pilot. Dr. Diana, Cybertronic Medic. Warhammer 40k, WarZone

Lt. Varras, Imperial Pilot. Dr. Diana, Cybertronic Medic.

Dr. Diana is a cloned doctor from the Cybertronic MegaCorp faction in WarZone (1st Edition, though she’s apparently still a thing now in WarZone resurrection.) She used to have a black top and bare legs as part of my nWo sub-faction for Cybertronic, back when we used to play regularly in the mid-1990’s, but after the campaign expired, she just sat in a case and never got finished. Several years ago, I decided to pair her with Varras as a fellow Imperial Navy Officer and paint her outfit in a matching grey, and again – like Varras, she’s been sitting around part painted for the years since. It’s a pretty safe bet that she’s a Werner Klocke sculpt, since she shares the same female face that almost all of his models have. Yes, she’s been part-painted for going on 20 years. God I feel old. I was going to paint a red or green cross on Diana’a Med-kit, but I decided against it in order to keep her a little more generic.

Lt. Varras, Imperial Pilot. Dr. Diana, Cybertronic Medic. Warhammer 40k, WarZone

Now, a pair of Imperial Flight Crew.

So anyway, the story ends a week or two ago when I was looking for stuff to make myself finish as part of the desk-clearing project I’ve been on for the past several months and spied these two. Always easy to overlook, I finally forced myself to knuckle down and got them done. Aside from using them as potential 40k objective markers and such, they’ll also easily fit into my RPG games of Rogue Trader (once I get it off the ground) and both are generic enough to work for many other Sci-Fi/skirmish games from Inq28 to Judge Dredd. And now I’m actually quite happy with the pair of them. They make a nice pair of Imperial Flight crew!

11 thoughts on “Lt. Varras and Dr. Diana

    • Thanks. The vaguely-similar coats were what gave me the idea in the first place. I wonder if I’ve got any Reaper Chronoscope figures that could join them in uniform?


  1. Great job, as usual. Very nice looking models. Sure those old WarZone minis had huge heads =)
    As an additional civvie I could suggest the scientist from Talisman Timescape. I own one (painted, can you believe it?) usually fitting the role of objective (or “plot point” in Pulp Alley).

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    • *well, being “imperial” maybe makes them non-civilian 🙂 but I suppose you got what I meant anyway…
      also, Heresy Miniatures has some nice-looking sci-fi “staff” minis in their “inspectors” range.

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      • Good calls there. The Talisman figure will e hard to get hold of, but I’ll keep an eye out for him. You also reminded me of some kind of old, old scientist figure that I have floating around. Might be from the early 40k adventurers range (I actually thought it was the Talisman Scientist). I’m finalising a Heresy order tonight actually, though money is tight. I’ll see what Andy has up for sale…

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