Citadel Miniatures: Forlong the Fat (6-Month Tale of Gamers Challenge)

With my return to work and general antipathy for painting Cavalry, my plans for my Gondor unit for the 6-month “Take of Gamers” painting challenge got diverted, even moreso since I started playing Rainbow Six: Siege this weekend. So I thought I’d spend much of this post complaining. Without enough time or the inclination to finish that cavalry unit, I found another Gondor unit that satisfies the criteria: Forlong the Fat, Captain of Lossarnach.

Forlong the Fat, Lord of the RIngs LotR, Return of the King

Citadel Miniatures’ Forlong the Fat

A casualty of the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, I started Forlong at the same time as I started the Axemen of Lossarnach. That is to say, roughly a year ago, and possibly a couple of months longer. As he’d been sitting on my desk for a year, he’s actually an ideal hero figure to complete for this challenge. Now, he’s not much to look at up there, but the rear view will show why it took me so long to complete.

Forlong the Fat, Lord of the RIngs LotR, Return of the King

Forlong the Fat, pimping The White Tree of Gondor.

Sure, it looks nice now that it’s done, but that goddamned tree is such an anti-motivator to paint. It’s a combination of all of the swirls and twirls along with the need to keep it as (close to) perfectly symmetrical as possible. Anyway, like much of the Gondor army, it’s not that much fun to paint, but looks nice when it’s done. I still need to add the static flock once his spray varnish dries, but I’m calling him done now.

Ral Partha Europe, Das Schwarze Auge, Undead Skeletal Ogres, Citadel Lord of the Rings, Forlong the Fat

January’s Painting Challenge models, completed.

Of course, I got a ton of other stuff finished in January. 65 models so far, and while some of that are scenic pieces, only 22 are scenery. Off to a good start to beat my 288 from 2015. Let’s see how it goes…

5 thoughts on “Citadel Miniatures: Forlong the Fat (6-Month Tale of Gamers Challenge)

    • Thank you, I’ll get a picture of him alongside “his” unit shortly. Story-wise he’s a minor background character known both as “Forlong the Fat” and “Forlong the Old”, so my best guess is that he’s an older warrior/captain/etc who was probably renowned in his youth and has has grown a little wider and more well-fed as he has gotten on in age.


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