Descent: Journeys in the Dark 1st Edition – Hellhounds

Descent 1.0 Hellhounds

Today’s models come from Descent: Journeys in the Dark 1st Edition. I picked it up secondhand several years ago, when I heard about how great a game it was, blurring the lines between RPG and miniatures boardgame. Shortly afterwards, the Second Edition came out, though I did pick up the official conversion kit, I’ve never gotten around to playing either of the things yet.

A month or so I got the idea to paint the Giant Spiders out of the 1e box. While I was poking around in there, I found these Hellhounds. Figuring that they’d paint up pretty quickly, I ended up putting the Spiders back and working on these instead. They didn’t take too long to get done, and being pretty rough figures I wan’t going to knock myself out over getting the absolute best paintjobs on them, either. Tabletop is good enough!

Descent 1.0 Hellhounds

Descent uses two different “types” of each monster: “White” ones, which are normal, or trooper-types and “Red” ones which are champion-level and tougher. So the sculpts come in two colours of plastic – Red and White (actually, more of a cream, but I digress). In order to be able to identify the two types, I painted the “White” ones with brighter orangey-red and red-to-yellow flame-fur, while the “Red” ones were painted in a slightly deeper, darker red and have yellow-to-black flame-fur. Enough to distinguish them when needed, but close enough that they still work in a pack for other games.

Descent 1.0 Hellhounds

Descent 1.0 Hellhounds

Speaking of other games, I knocked up a multi-base for them so that they can be used as a regiment in Kings of War. They’d be used as Proxy Hellhounds in my Khorne Chaos Daemons army, which in turn will be using the Forces of the Abyss/Hellhounds entry. Which I’ve just noticed while looking it up to write this only come in units of 5. And naturally, this base is made for a nominal unit of 10. Feck. That’s annoying, especially as they’re actual Hellhounds. Though the Mantic models also come on pissy little 25mm bases from Dungeon Saga, so perhaps the more appropriate proxy entry for these models will actually be a regiment of Abyssal Horsemen.

7 thoughts on “Descent: Journeys in the Dark 1st Edition – Hellhounds

  1. The miniatures don’t convince me sculpt wise, but the paint job works. It doesn’t read as fire to me, but fire-kissed fur on such creatures is a cool idea. If you get around playing the game also try the app that goes with the 2nd edition. The basic campaign is free and allows to play the game coop, while the app controls the monsters. Pretty well made by FFG and made me and my wife game each evening for a week. We enjoyed it (despite some missions being quite hard) and may even get into pruchasing some more campaigns.

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    • Yeah, they’re not amazing in any context. It’s a matter of keeping to the intent of the non-convincing sculpt and their intended use in Descent while differentiating a couple of them and keeping them easily identifiable.

      I’ve just ordered a bunch of missing expansion content from Book Depository with the intent of playing it in co-op sooner or later. How heavy are the rules? FFG tend to be a bit too verbose some times, with too many layers of rules to read and get going in a casual session, instead needing proper study beforehand.


      • The app helps with book keeping, some of the rules are a bit vague, so read the FAQ and official forum if something comes up. Given you will play coop this is also to the benefit of all players and you won’t be in danger to come across as a rules lawyer ;).

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      • Dickheads at Book Dep took a week to cancel most of my order as OOS before it magically came back into stock. Of course, they still haven’t shipped the rest. I’ll have to grab that app, and I’ve got 2 of FFG’s POD solo deck things. Now I just need to learn the rules, get some stuff painted and actually play a game or three. As with everything else, eh?


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