Small Scenics – Altar Bases/Shattered Monuments

Another couple of small scenic bits given to me some time ago that I have no idea of the origin of – these two resin pieces seem to be part of the same series, as they’re almost inverse of one another. Given their 60mm diameter, they’re pretty clearly meant to be scenic bases, but I felt that they’d work well enough – circular nature and all – as small bits of scatter terrain. Specifically, shattered burial monuments. I’ve been (very slowly) working on a graveyard/cemetary project for some time, inspired by Cheetor’s St Cranium’s Cemetary and based around several pieces, such as the old Unknown Grave I posted on awhile ago, the rather excellent Citadel Garden of Morr kit (now re-released with 2x sprues as the Sigmarite Mausoleum – it’s great, go buy one!) a couple of cool Scotia Grendel pieces and the Renedra Gravestones kit. So rather than using either of these as actual bases, they got roped into being part of the cemetery. Actually, the Bones Fountain would fit in perfectly there, too!

Painted in greys, with some brown and black washes and finished with weathering powders. A small amount of trim on each was painted as faded, aged brass rather than carved stone, simply to get a small additional spot of colour variation on them.

Not a lot else to say, really. Taken on their own they’re nothing especially exciting, but they’ll add nicely to the overall effect of the Cemetery when it’s laid out on the table.

If I had the time to stretch creatively with The Chapel Project over at Heresy of Us, these would very much be included in my output, so you can consider them that in spirit at least…

3 thoughts on “Small Scenics – Altar Bases/Shattered Monuments

  1. Thanks for the shout out Azazel 🙂 I hoe that you get some fun out of your graveyard project.

    I have actually been working on a few additions to St Craniums over the last couple of months. Slow stuff, a bit here and there, but a few things like a new gaming mat and some particularly atmospheric images in the Age of Sigmar Skirmish book gave me enough enthusiasm to return to the terrain set and do some more work.

    Hopefully I will have some thing to show for it over the next couple of months.

    Im looking forward to see what you do with the concept. Im guessing that you have heads of Reaper Bones bits that will fit right in, as well as a number of finished items that have shown up here in the past.

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    • No problem – you’re most welcome! I’ve got some stuff I finished at the start of the year that I only managed to photograph this past weekend. All smaller stuff so far, but when the weather gets nicer at the end of the year then I’ll also have some time to get some more involved stuff done. Summer is the time of year that says “terrain” to me. Long days off work combined with warm weather that’s perfect for spraying and fast drying. I can’t wait.
      I’ll have to look through the Bones stuff, actually. Shy of using figures as statues and maybe a coffin I think I’m pretty much out of their stuff (especially as I didn’t go in hard on Bones 2 or 3).

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