Marauder MM16 Dwarf Slayers – Group Shot!

Marauder Miniatures MM16 Dwarf Slayers, Oldhammer

Following up on the group shots I’ve been doing of some of my models recently, here’s one of the Marauder Miniatures Dwarf Slayers that I’ve painted. I think they come up nicely as a group, actually, despite the goofiness that some of them have. I’ll do another group shot of the Citadel Giant Slayers sometime down the line – after I’ve finished all of them, so don’t hold your breath for it right now…

Here’s the full range on release, which I am missing three models from. Of course, there’s also a variation on one of these guys, plus a scattered few from other Marauder Ranges, and then an expanded but separate range of MM Troll Slayers. While I’d really like to get the missing three (and every other Citadel and Marauder Slayer model that I don’t own), I’m not going to kill myself over it, instead I’ll keep an eye out on eBay for them at reasonable prices. Wish me luck!

The most striking thing to me from these two side-by-side pictures is that my models come up pretty nicely against the “official” ones here. Not too shabby. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Marauder MM16 Dwarf Slayers – Group Shot!

      • Ahhh, that’s better, just what I like to see to start off my own weekend of painting progress. Coincidentally, I am still working on the dwarfs’ mortal enemies, the goblins.

        Your paint jobs absolutely hold their own in quality against the classic originals, it’s a wonderful collection to call your own.

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      • Thank you for the compliments! – and it’s always a pleasure ot see more of your Night Gobboes. I’m now on 20+ repaired posts (repeated both here and Dakka) and counting – It’s taken most of today so far, time I would have preferred to be working on my Dark Angels. It’s going to be a long haul. 😡


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