RT101 “Brother Napier”, Fallen Dark Angel – 40k Rogue Trader (1988)

RT101 "Brother Napier", Fallen Dark Angel - 40k Rogue Trader (1988)

I’ve recently painted the second of my “Oldhammer” style Fallen Dark Angels. “Brother Napier” this time – as named in the old catalogue. Unlike many other models, this guy wasn’t really started. Having some black on the model doesn’t really count as part-painted, unless I’m doing a drive of “only finishing models that have been started in some way”, but either way I needed to re-prime him anyway.

RT101 "Brother Napier", Fallen Dark Angel - 40k Rogue Trader (1988)

For his markings, I’ve applied some really old (RT-era, natch) transfers. I could have tried to freehand, but I do like my chapter iconography to be perfect. He’s rocking the old-school RT-sergeant’s stripes on his pauldron, which I did colour-fill from the transfer’s original plain white. Full chapter bade on his (understated by today’s standards) powerfist – power glove in those days!

RT101 "Brother Napier", Fallen Dark Angel - 40k Rogue Trader (1988)

Something I really noticed on this figure is just how easy it was to paint. Seriously. Black armour, a grey lining, then careful sort-of drybrushing on wear points and the odd thin line for scratches over the armour. Really quick and easy, and it looks effective. Just got to keep the messiness looking neat and focused rather than like the model’s simply been randomly drybrushed with silver. I likely will continue to keep most of my marine models “clean”, but I’ll retain this colour scheme across all of my Fallen and it should be a doddle to get the painting done while giving them a unique look amongst all my power armoured models.

RT101 "Brother Napier", Fallen Dark Angel - 40k Rogue Trader (1988)

What’s not old, scratched-up armour is a dark brown leather. A less-glowing skin tone with some scar tissue and requisite 5-o-clock shadow, and black-to-greying hair completes the look. The greying sides is a particular note to the original Brother Napier.

RT101 "Brother Napier", Fallen Dark Angel - 40k Rogue Trader (1988)

Since I only have the pair of these done so far, I thought a 2-shot was in order. Both of these guys have rather hunched postures, something that was common to the original RT-101 line. I’ve got a few other original metals to allocate here and there. The hardest part is working out which ones to use in which army. I’d love to set up a full squad of RT-101 marines for The Fallen, but I’ve got a couple of them earmarked for Legion of the Damned and Iron Warriors, as well as my RT-inspired Crimson Fists project. There’s just not enough to go around – I need some more old metal beakies!

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    • Thanks mate, but far from it. I’ve got to practice on getting better (and faster) with the big stuff. There’s just so much smaller stuff clogging up the table that there’s no space for the larger models right now…

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