WAAAAGH! Pt.3: 40k Ork Slugga Boyz.

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

Another three Slugga Boyz today. I’d have potentially had something different to show but I ended up spending most of yesterday Spring Cleaning the house, so these three are all I have finished at the moment. The Ork on our left is fully kitted in Coffee Stain (DCU) camo, while both of his comrades wear Auscam (DPCU) on their lower half. The Boy with the chainsaw above his head has a British 2-Colour Desert DPM vest while the third Ork wears Australian “Desert Auscam” (DPDU) (v.3).

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

Once again, there are some fantasy Orc bits mixed in, but that’s par for the course at this stage.

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

Here are the Orks I’ve finished so far. Not too many (at all!) by Ork standards, being a horde army – but I’m happy with each of the models, and like the Vikings before them, each model is an individual. I’m really pleased with the way they’re turning out, especially since they were pretty much a forgotten, long-shelved project for literally over a decade. The sort of thing that you’d like to get back to but don’t think you necessarily ever will.

Finally, with everything happening in the world in the last little while, I’d just like to give my best wishes to everyone to stay safe and look after one another. We as individuals can’t do anything about NK, but having seen Harvey, Katia, Chiapas and Irma devastate so many places in the last few days, with Irma far from finished and Jose still on the way there’s been an awful lot so far but still a lot to come, so stay as safe as you can.

17 thoughts on “WAAAAGH! Pt.3: 40k Ork Slugga Boyz.

    • Thanks Matt. Luckily it seems that our American friends were spared the worst of Irma overall. As for the camo I find researching and examining real uniforms is really interesting and you can get some very cool inspiration from them. I’m tempted to do a later unit (or two) inspired by the various “blue” winter and urban camo patterns out there. Perhaps the Looterz as a nod to the classic Deathskullz scheme?

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  1. Great work! All the camo is coming out very well indeed and really suits the orks. I was so inspired by your orks I pulled a few off my shelf which had been sitting there started but unfinished for a few years and finished them today. They will appear in a week or so when I’ve finished varnishing them.

    Also we are very lucky in Australia to avoid a lot of these terrible disasters that afflict much of the rest of the world.

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    • That’s awesome to hear mate – I really look forward to seeing them. Agreed on the disasters, at least for where you and I (and IRO) live, we get the odd insane windstorm once or twice a year, but nothing like what these guys have been enduring recently or even the poor blighters in Queensland or NZ.

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    • Thanks Greggles. I’ll have to try and remember that, though even at this rate it’ll be awhile before I have enough Orks to face any of the Marines in even a small game!


  2. Your boyz look great 🙂 I’d like to manage that level of camo on mine but I don’t have the skills – yet.

    The Antilles have been hit pretty hard and the amount of damage is quite the talk here in French media. The feeling that the government did not anticipate is quite strong… Anyway, I share the feelings.

    Best regards

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    • Thanks mate. All I can say is keep plugging along and watch your skills improve. 🙂
      Yeah, I’ve been watching the devastation in Barbuda and Cuba and elsewhere. It will sound silly but I’ve always had a great deal of affection for the Caribbean Islands despite never having been there. I’ve spent many, many hours from my younger days through to adulthood playing Sid Meier’s Pirates! and so have a “map familiarity” with and affection for the place that makes it all that much sadder to see when such things happen.


  3. Well done, and it’s the peak of hurricane season. Harvey was much worse for TX than Irma was , but there’s still a lot of flooding. Thanks for the wishes for us in the US. I’m a long way from the devastation here in New England, but rebuilding will eventually happen.

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    • Yeah, I was watching the aftermath in Houston and then pretty much everything else happened at once from Mexico to the Islands. Despite the property damage in Florida, it’s good to see that the loss of life was minimised when Irma made landfall in the US.


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