Mentor Legion #8 – Plasma Gunner (Tactical Squad III-3)

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marine Plasma Gunner Mentors

Another part of Tactical Squad III of my Mentor Legion here today. The squad Specialist, armed with a Plasma Gun. I tend to paint the plasma coils in coppery tones rather than glowing, since they can’t always be charging or firing.

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marine Plasma Gunner Mentors

I’ve posted him up individually rather than holding him back mostly because I’m wanting to get all of March’s models posted on the Blog before the monthly round-up. I’d typically have held showing this guy back until I had a few more done.

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marine Plasma Gunner Mentors

The model is a very simple conversion – it’s a second edition Plasma Gunner with the head carved off and a 3rd edition helmet (with neck!) dropped into the hole I carved out and oriented in the direction of the weapon. Since I had to literally saw the head off a metal model and then use a drill to hollow out a collar, I’ll call this one a conversion rather than a kitbash.

10 thoughts on “Mentor Legion #8 – Plasma Gunner (Tactical Squad III-3)

  1. I’ve done head swaps on some of those 2nd Ed metal Minis. That really is a job of work. You did much better with it than I.

    I figure that the plasma coils are always in at least some sort of “ready mode” or something in the field, so they don’t have to bring the field up from a cold start when they make contact. Or maybe I just don’t want to repaint 20 years worth of plasma weapons 😉

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    • Thanks! I’ve got another WIP (it’s been WIP for I don’t know how many years now) I might post it when I have a spare post-day, or alongside the next batch of Mentors.
      I think the clear explanation is that the Plasma Coils on *my* models don’t need to be quite as hot in “standby mode”. Probably better Pre-Heresy tech on some of them and improved Mentor Legion/Cawl tech on the others. 😉

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    • No such strategy – it was just a matter of not liking the original heads all that much (they’re kinda recessed) and preferring the 3rd edition ones for the design, ability to orient them – and they actually have necks!

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