June-It ’18 (June-Unit) Community Round-Up

Krautscientist’s “The Road Crew.”

All I can say is that putting this post together has been a project in and of itself. I’m overwhelmed by how many people have taken up the challenge of getting a unit done for this month. I’m starting at the top of the pingbacks on the Challenge Post (at least initially) and working my way down. I’ll chase up stragglers later on.

So above we have The Road Crew by Krautscientist from the Eternal Hunt. Listening to Motörhead while viewing them is optional, but I’d personally encourage it. That’s one frighteningly feral-but-awesome looking bunch.

Krautscientist’s Deathwatch Killteam Ulrach.

Krautscientist has also dropped in a second completed unit this month – Deathwatch Killteam Ulrach converted from Primaris Space Marines into truescale Inq28 models. Each model is a unique build that I’ll (hopefully) be taking inspiration from at some stage for my own models.


Imperial Rebel Ork’s Bannaroff Light Infantry: The Forlorn 13

Next we have Imperial Rebel Ork’s Bannaroff Light Infantry: The Forlorn 13. There are a literal ton of photos of these guys over on IRO’s site, and I definitely recommend checking them out for a very cool unit mashup of 40k and the 17th Century.


Just Needs Varnish’s Paraguayan infantry battalion.

Just Needs Varnish has completed a fourth Paraguayan infantry battalion for his Paraguayan War project that he’s been working on for some time. I think it’s about time that he posts up a nicely updated group shot of both sides facing off. 😀


Wudugast’s Disposable Heroes Imperial Guard Squad

Wudugast from Convert or Die has had a productive month. First up he completed the Disposable Heroes, a rag-tag squad of Imperial Guardsmen that exist in-between 40k, Inq28, Necromunda (and probably soon, Kill Team and Rogue Trader!)

Wudugast’s Knights Mortis squad

Secondly, Wudugast has converted and painted up a squad of Space Marines from his Knights Mortis Chapter, using Primaris models as their basis. I especially like how the paint scheme is both striking and battle-work at once.

Wudugast’s Skaven Plague Monks.

Finally, Wudugast completed a unit of Plague Monks for his ever-growing Skaven army. I also have to congratulate him on finishing his Skaven unit while I failed in completing my own Skaven unit rather miserably.


Thomas’ Brood of Genestealers (and some little – and big – friends)

Thomas of the High Times on the Eastern Fringe has gotten a whole Brood of Genestealers done this (last) month. There are a few actual Genestealer Broods in there, as well as Ripper Swarms and a pair each of Broodlords and Venomthropres to boot. That’s  ….a lot of melee attacks.


dave2718’s US Infantry squads.

dave2718 from Faith and Steel completed 2 (or 3 – depends how you set them up) units of US WWII Infantry. I believe they’re on patrol in the late afternoon of a summer day. He’s teased some support options coming soon. I wonder if we’ll see some armour for The Jewel of July painting challenge?


Argentbadger’s Eldar Harlequin Troupe.

Argentbadger from (or who is?) The Bovine Overlord has painted up a Troupe of Harlequins. Those most slippery and perfidious of the Eldar race! I’m also rather embarrassed that Argent now has more than five times the number of painted Harlequins that I do!



Mark Morin’s Texican Space Rangers.

Mark A Morin has also had a busy month. Firstly he completed an entire platoon of Texican Space Rangers that originally date back to 1978! I’m pretty sure that either the platoon Sergeant or the Lieutenant is called “Maurice”. Or certainly should be.

Mark Morin’s Robot Peackeepers.

Mark’s second unit for the month was a Skittles-inspired set of Robot Peacekeepers from the Mega Miniatures range. They apparently want candy, and are willing to keep the peace all over you if you get in their way to the candy aisle. Don’t blame me – blame Tabitha!

Mark Morin’s Space Dwarf Assault Squad.

Mark wrapped up an overly-productive month with a Space Dwarf Assault Squad. (not Squats!) Once again proving that he’s not scared of a bit of colour, each of these Space Dwarves (and Agri-Bots) has an individual colour combo.

A rather productive month for Mark, I think you’d agree!

Somehow I see the Dwarves and their “Peacekeeper” allies causing a bit of trouble, before the Texian Rangers get called in…


The Imperfect Modeller’s Lamerton Posse.

Bringing that Western feel right back down to Earth, The Imperfect Modeller (who I like to think of being named Tim, even if it’s not actually correct) completed a set of 5 rather rough-looking fellows known as The Lamerton Posse.


Ed’s Black Legion Plague Marines.

Ed from Malefic Design has completed a very cool looking squad of Black Legion Plague Marines. Not something we get to see all that often, especially with the new models. They work better than I’d have expected, and now I’m tempted to do some Black Legion with some of my own Plague Marines…


Ann’s Poxwalkers, Shambling towards YOU!

Ann from Ann’s Immaterium racked up enough Poxwalkers to bring her existing shambling horde to 13. Each one an individually painted mass of infection and sputum.



Pandora’s Bitz Box’ unit of Possessed Astartes.

Pandora’s Bitz Box of the Krakendoomcool shared blog completed this unit of 12 Chaos Space Marine Possessed. The tweak here is that each of the models is based on a marine from a different Chapter (or is it the Legions?) As such, each model is an individual and well worth checking out on the site.


Jeff’s completed, converted Varghulf and friends.

Finally, we have the gang from Wyrdstones and Tackle Zones who were actually taking part in their own challenge in June, to “Turn it Up to 11” by painting 11 miniatures. Since they’ve decided to get on board for our The Jewel of July challenge, I’m happy to showcase their work here for June-It, since the criteria cross over pretty snugly.

Jeff’s Sepulchural Guard Shadespire Warband.

Jeff converted and completed a unit composed of a Varghulf and Ghouls for his Flesh-Eater Courts AoS force (and I’ll be stealing that Varghulf conversion idea!) as well as painting a Sepulchural Guard Shadespire Warband.

Jason’s Idoneth Deepkin.

Jason completed 10 Namarati Thralls and an Isharann Soulscryer for his Age of Sigmar Idoneth Deepkin.

Caseyrog’s Underworld Creepers-style Skaven/Goblin Bloodbowl Team.

Caseyrog painted a starting 11 for an Underworld Creepers-style Skaven/Goblin Bloodbowl Team, incuding a rather impressive looking Troll!


Faust’s Goliaths!

Faust of Double Down Dice painted up a starting six of his Goliath gang for Necromunda.


Westrider’s Bloodbound Warband for Shadespire.

Alexis “Westrider” West of Cascadian Grimdark completed a Khorne Bloodbound Warband from the Shadespire set. You wouldn’t want to run into any of these four in a dark alley. Or on a sunny day in a park, for that matter.



Edit – Hey! I forgot to add in my own models. You can of course see them in more detail by viewing yesterday’s post.

And.. that’s it* for June’s June-It, unit-painting Community Round-Up. Apologies for it being this late. I’ve been snowed under with things, and so I’m also way behind on reading people’s blog posts, painting my own models, the TV shows I try to follow (over a month behind there) and on and on it goes..

*Obviously, I probably missed someone despite my best efforts, so if that’s you, please know it was unintentional – just reply to this post with a link to your model post and I’ll edit you in quicksmart.

52 thoughts on “June-It ’18 (June-Unit) Community Round-Up

  1. Wow some r ally great stuff. It’s cool to see how many people jumped on board too. I think the stand out for me has to be Mark Morins gear, especially those Texicans. I was going to jump into the Jewel July challenge too but I think I’ll have to skip it I’m afraid. Very well put together post Az-Man

    Liked by 4 people

    • Yeah, it’s been really good to see so many people come together with something. You know you can submit something that’s not super-extravagant, though, right? I specifically said that low level heroes like Sergeants (or Sheriffs) and such are appropriate. Like that guy you posted the other day.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow, what a wicked effort. I cant wait to see who else has joined in, these are great! Well done everyone, ill be sure to check out the posts of those people who i havent commented on already. And thanks Azazel for finding the time to compile these! It looks like a lot of work, but im very grateful for your effort and enthusiasm for this challenge project. Im on some sort of of community hobby high at the moment, woo!

    Liked by 3 people

    • It certainly was a productive month for many people. And sometimes it’s simply just finishing off a couple of figures to get an entire unit done, so I really do like to encourage that (helps me motivate to do the exact same with my own models!) – that keeps me motivated in turn – so thank you and everyone else for participating!


  3. Great roundup, mate! And hats off for all those who participated in the challenge. There are plenty of cool stuff here.

    And yeah, I got a few melee attacks in my army. I put it to the test this weekend. Hopefully I won’t get shot off the table turn 1.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Wow, super stuff all round. My congratulations to all who took the time not only to paint but also to participate in the community spirit of it all.

    Thanks Azazel for spending so much effort on posts like this; it is really appreciated by us all.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. That’s a load of work! Puts me to shame I’m afraid. I’ve been too busy with other things to get much painting done, but that’s changing as of now! Excellent work everyone and a great effort from you Azazel.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Wow, what a great gathering of fine work – happy to have been able to join such an elite group from across the globe. Truly a lot of fun, and Azazel the editing and gathering of materials must have been a massive task, and personally I want to thank you. I agree with dave2718 that this presents a great opportunity to see blogs of stuff we might not otherwise notice.

    You’ve built something here Azazel, and it’s not just miniatures. Kudos! Best, Mark

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Ha, didn’t realize I had been doing this wrong. Maybe a small demerit, as this is only my second challenge? But now I realize that I’m supposed to post a pingback in the Comments in the Challenge post! On the plus side, I have a newer photo ready with my last minute change. That could be read as “minute” (small) as well. 😉
    To make it a bit easier:
    Link to my JUNIT post:

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  8. I’m really impressed by the quality and quantity that people put into JUNIT. Amazing stuff. I could probably go and on about everyone’s entries, and likely have on people’s blogs. For a person not so chatty in real life, I seem to have a lot of words in my head!

    I really like how some people stretched their wings on these too, it wasn’t like grinding out an army. Different colors, techniques, or just putting some extra love into the minis. Kudos all, you’re all Pros in my book! 😀

    Azazel, really love that last shot with all your minis on the marble. Nice!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Absolutely! Please do. I try to write them up to give a little bit of variety in focus from month to month, while still being wide-open enough so that you can (at worst, usually) include something that you wanted to get finished anyway.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Very glad to, Casey. You guys should feel free to double-up when my challenges match up with what you guys will be doing for your other challenges. I’ve done a few others and “dual purposed” models across my own blog and others’ challenges.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. As always, thanks a lot for the shout out — and for giving me prime billing to boot! 😉

    Another month of sterling work from everyone — the mere results of these challenges should be proof enough that the format is incredibly motivating! Thanks again for giving us the perfect occasions to be productive for a change — and, of course, for curating these wonderful roundup posts! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very welcome, KS. On all points – and it’s quite nice to see that what started out as an attempt to make myself finish off a few figures has become something that’s useful for so many others’ motivation.

      Liked by 1 person

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