June-It: Painting Challenge 2018 Personal Round-Up

Now, late but still here, we have my personal round-ups from the June-It unit painting challenge. It was a funny month, June. On one hand, I’m happy with the quantity of stuff I managed to finish, but on the other hand I’m still disappointed in myself because of what I did not manage to complete – and no, this isn’t a ploy for sympathy or building up my self-esteem.

There’s a unit of Terminators, a unit of Primaris, a Unit of Savage Orcs and a unit of Skaven that I really did want to get complete, and had the four of them in mind when looking towards June – none of which really got any work of note done on them.

What I did manage to get done were 2 units of 5 Shermans, 2 units of 8 Skeleton Archers, 9 mounted Nazgûl and 9 foot Nazgûl, 3 Undead Ogres, a foursome of Emperor’s Royal Guard from Star Wars, a set of 5 of Conan’s Black Dragon Bodyguards, and a unit of Daemonic Plague Toads of Nurgle. Oh, and a Unit of High Elves that I started almost 5 years ago.

So, 11 units in all. Which isn’t too bad, let’s face it. But I’m still annoyed about those others…

26 thoughts on “June-It: Painting Challenge 2018 Personal Round-Up

  1. I find it histerical the amount of units you’ve menaged to cram in for your June-it entry. If someones to do pile is always proportinally larger than the work they mange to get done… You’re piles of grey plastic must be overwhelming. Fantastic effort and you wont get any sympathy from me for your incomplete units! I really need to stop prioritising conversion projects over simple paint and builds, so i cam see some sort of impact. I have/had an ambitious Warp Talkon project for July, but ive estimated its going to take me about 2 months before i get to painting it. Since im using your challenges as an effort to complete things though i think ill bail on this one maybe half way through the month and then start a much small paint project for july before getting back to the Talons… Maybe. The amout of units you’ve got finished is inspiring and intensifies my shame over my untouched models. Well done, we would all do well to follow your example.

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    • Thanks mate! The key is that it’s about *finishing* models – and in this case, units – so it’s not mandated as a start-to-finish challenge (though people can start-to-finish if they prefer to). I don’t think I’ll manage to finish off all my started-but-not-completed models this year, but hopefully I can continue to put a good old dent into them and just maybe.. have them all done next year (or almost all of them?)
      Just remember, even if you don’t get something done this month, there’s always another go coming in a month or three!


  2. Amazing work. I’d be happy to just have the 4 Imperial Guard done. All your units look really impressive, and I have a hard time picking a favorite. Too bad your Gandalph wasn’t in there. 😉

    I think it’s a coin toss between the Ring Wraiths and the High Elves.The Ring Wraiths look amazing, but the colors are (rightfully) drab, so they don’t stand out as much as the bright armored High Elves. But the sculpts on the Wraiths and your painting technique on those kinda blow the High Elves away. Yea, they are neck and neck for me, with a lean towards the Ring Wraiths, because those things are scary cool.

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    • Well, if I ever finish the rest of the Fellowship, he’ll be allowed to stand alongside them! Plenty more of both the Elves (now I can get back to work on the second unit) and black-robed guys to come, too!

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  3. Well done! And all quality work. I was surprised to see the elves, as I got a bunch used a few years back. I was just returning to the hobby, and got them – but I did not know about stripping the old paint at that point. Some were metal, some were plastic. Now I know what their potential was! An amazing bunch of figures that would be enough for months of production. Can’t say enough!👍👍👍

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    • Thank you Mark – I’ll look forward to seeing your resurrected elves sometime soon (or less soon) now! I’m lagging behind my goals for July pretty badly so far with only about half a dozen or less done so far – need to get the lead out!


  4. It’s called productivity through procrastination. When there’s something you need to get done, but don’t want to deal with, it’s amazing how much you can accomplish on other things!

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    • That used to happen several times a year when work resulted in a pile of reports I needed to write, pretty much in my own time because aspects of my profession are broken. In the last few years I’ve found it more effective to (mostly) stay back at work a few nights per week and get it done there, taking only a minimal amount home.

      Back when I used to take it all home, though – you’ve never seen a cleaner house and more well-maintained garden. Well, you probably have, but mine were never so clean and well-maintained.

      With the models, it’s actually a work-mentality – with that monthly focus that changes each time, along with the deadline – that gets me through them.

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  5. All brilliant! Conan’s Black Dragon bodyguards are my favourites! I’m not going to even comment on the Nurgle stuff, because that would just encourage people to paint more of them and those already doing so are doing a way-too-realistic job already!

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