WarZone 1st Edition: Edward S. Murdoch – Imperial Golden Lion Hero

WarZone 1st Edition: Edward S. Murdoch - Imperial Golden Lion Hero, Heartbreaker Hobbies

I’m back to posting. Today’s model is one of my old 1st edition WarZone models. I actually updated this guy last month and even included him in the monthly round-up, but I somehow forgot to give him his own post at the time. Yeah, I’ve been real tired. Anyway, this model is a named hero from the Imperial (British-themed) faction. This guy is Edward S. Murdoch – Imperial Golden Lion Hero. He’s apparently an ex-Blood Beret (Not-Parachute Regiment, I guess) who is now a Golden Lion. To be quite honest, I don’t remember enough else about the minutia of the WarZone background to go into more detail – and besides, it’s not important here.

WarZone 1st Edition: Edward S. Murdoch - Imperial Golden Lion Hero, Heartbreaker Hobbies

The paint scheme I gave him completely disregards whetever the WarZone canon might be, and instead he was painted to go into my Imperial Guard force as a Lieutenant to lead one of my infantry platoons. As such, his outfit has been painted as carapace armour in an Auscam pattern, along with a sand-coloured beret. A plastic pouch from a 1:35 scale US infantry model replaces the slot on his belt for his sword. Can you tell? No? That’s the point. 🙂

WarZone 1st Edition: Edward S. Murdoch - Imperial Golden Lion Hero, Heartbreaker Hobbies

This shot shows off the unit markings I added (via decals) to 40k-ify him. Aside from those and replacing his sword, the model is stock. The figure was painted way back in either the mid-late 1990s’ to the mid-2000’s (I can’t remember) so all I’ve really done here last month is a touch-up on a few parts to repair a bit of scuff, and rebasing him on a 32mm, which suits a figure of his stature much better than the 25mm base ever did.

I’ve been struggling to care about blogging for the last few weeks – mostly due to burnout and exhaustion – both mental and physical. I’ve tried to at least kind of keep up on other people’s blog posts when I can, but there are a few people whose recent posts have suffered from my lack of energy to comment on meaningfully – and of course the Technical August roundup is now a week behind. Turns out there were a lot more contributions than I realised/remembered for Technical August, so the round-up post is *part* done as I got started last weekend, and I’m hoping to have time this weekend to finish it. At least the next three weeks of work should be a lot less full-on so I can start to rest up, the weather is changing for the better, and I can finally go get some work done on my knee, so things should start looking up a little – barring needing to go into work this Saturday…

25 thoughts on “WarZone 1st Edition: Edward S. Murdoch – Imperial Golden Lion Hero

  1. Another great mini mate – love the Auscam, love the 40kification, superb. I’m not surprised you’re a little burned out mate, your painting & blogging has been through the roof this year! Take it easy mate & be good to yourself – we’re all here, no matter what 🙂

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    • About to go into work for a few hours (on a bloody Saturday, mind!) but then I’ve only got Mon-Wed and then I have a nice few days off. If I can manage to do more than clean the house, sleep and play videogames, I should be able to catch up on the blogging stuff without it being too painful…

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    • It’s been like a meta-project this year of just trying to get as much stuff as possible done. Maybe next year I should properly focus on just a couple of armies and everything else can be extras…?

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  2. Like Alex said mate you seem to have really turned up the gas this year. Your output is incredible so nothing wrong with taking a breather. I’ve had guests but I’ve also felt a bit of a lull myself to be honest. Love the auscam on the mini mate.

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    • Thanks mate! I’ve got a few posts lined up, so depending on how many I can write up tomorrow (within an hour, today is going to be flat out until midnight or later) I’ll have a few days off from needing to blog again. I guess I can stretch that out if I schedule the posts for every two days instead of each day… I’ll probably do that.

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  3. Beautiful camo, and a really nice old style figure. Sometimes we forget that this is a hobby and not a job, self imposed deadlines can suck the fun out of this, it always a good idea to take your foot of the gas now and again, we tend to come back stronger. 😉

    Cheers Roger.

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    • You’re very right, Roger. It’s finding the balance between being disciplined enough to keep getting stuff finished (and posted up) and not letting it all slide for weeks or months. I typically hit a wall around this time of year (Sept-Nov) so it’s no surprise that it’s hitting me now since I’ve been going at it harder than ever before this year.


  4. Looks good. I know I’d be inclined to follow orders coming from a dude who looked like that!

    Take care of yourself. A bit of a hiatus in the posting is better than losing a blog like this permanently because you pushed too hard while burnt out and it ended up permanent.

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    • Again, you’re very right, Alexis. The main reason I’ve been going through these long periods of posting daily has been because I’ve had a lot done, and I prefer to give each model or group of models it’s own (brief) moment in the sun rather than always holding them back until I have a unit done, or writing up posts about entirely different things. I mean, I saved the Mantic stuff until I had a worthwhile amount, because who wants to read a post about three crates, but when you’re talking about stuff like the beastmen – who knows when I’ll finish, let alone photograph the others…?

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  5. Nice work on this guy. You always represent well with your Auscam. Just catching up on my blog stuff too, so do understand that burnout is a real thing, but as Roger says, it’s not a job it’s a hobby! Our summer is winding down, so now we’re headed for Stark weather (every New Englander knows well that winter is always coming). Which means more time and motivation for hobbies. I wonder if it’s the reverse for you Southern Hemisphere dudes as far as that goes?

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  6. Glad to have you back too. Blogging motivation is such an odd beast – what gives you a lot of energy can sometimes sour and leave you feeling deflated. Personally I’ve found that relaxing the blogging schedule when other things are going on in life works a treat.

    Lovely work on the Murdoch camo. I wonder if there was a meta-reason he became a Golden Lion, like the sculpt was reassigned as being Edward Murdoch at the last minute or something? Who knows. He was an odd miniature at the time for a character, so similar to the basic trooper.

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    • Could well be? I wasn’t hugely into the Lore of Mutant Chronicles or WarZone, even back in the day. (And I played Cybertronic anyway) So I’m pretty clueless on that stuff.
      The main drains on my blogging energy is trying to keep up with all of the blogs I now follow, and, frankly, work being very demanding much of the time, leaving me with little energy ad fewer fucks to give. Doesn’t help really that blog time = painting time = videogame time, so being a zero sum game, most of the time I’d rather be painting. But then I find the feedback from the blog to be great encouragement and motivation, so it’s a tricky balance.


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