Reaper 02341: Stefan Von Kruger (Sandra Garrity)

Reaper 02341: Stefan Von Kruger (Sandra Garrity)

Still on the D&D-ish train today, and we have a Vampire model from Reaper that manages to straddle both the “classic gothic” and the “fantasy armoured” vampire tropes amazingly well in my opinion. Stefan Von Kruger here is very nicely and finely detailed, and only took me 10 or 15 years to get finished. He was moved onto a 32mm base a couple of years ago, but still took some time to get to the point where I was able to make myself complete the model, ultimately using the Tray to force the issue.

For the colour scheme, I stuck with pretty bog-standard Vampire tones, whichg also happen to fit in with my Vampire Counts-themed Undead/Kings of War army. I also added some blood spatter, which I don’t do all that often, but I felt like it fit here, as Stefan here has a pretty ferocious pose – so a bit for his clothing and face, a touch on his shield, and some streaking on his blade. It’s a subtle look on his red shield and tabard, but that suits me quite nicely to be quite honest.  …anbd just a few dots to mar his otherwise perfectly regal face.

Reaper 02341: Stefan Von Kruger (Sandra Garrity)

The embossed detail on his shield is a nice touch, with a little Easter Egg there that you may not notice at first. This model also serves as a good example of why something like the poor old weedy Count Strahd model is barely likely to get a look in, even if we’re playing the actual D&D game that Strahd comes from. Why would you use that, when something like this is available?

29 thoughts on “Reaper 02341: Stefan Von Kruger (Sandra Garrity)

      • I’m not over the ribbed look personally, but that’s probably because I’ve painted so few vampires to date! 😉
        This guy does work well with a foot in both camps, so to speak. To me he has the look of a classic vampire who has armoured up for a special occasion rather than dressing like Mephiston as his everyday wear..

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    • Yeah, just the addition of a relatively small amount of yellow on his trim and the shield emblem (as opposed to white) brings him out a lot. Really pops on the table from normal gaming eye distance as well, I noticed when I was photographing him.

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      • Sadly, Mordhaim was a game I picked up but never got to play. My regular 40k/WarZone/Blood Bowl/Necromunda group of the time just didn’t have enough interest, which I felt was a real shame.

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      • To be fair, I think a lot of it comes from the people you’re playing with. Necro also felt more flexible due to ranged weapons while Mordheim (from reading the rules, anyway) seemed limited by the whole WHFB “charge range” thing, where Skaven had a HUGE advantage while Dwarves were in turn disadvantaged towards everyone, etc…

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  1. He looks great and I couldn’t agree more that this guy is world class compared to the previous vampire. I like the color scheme you chose for him and the blood on his sword was a nice touch too. I’m definitely of the opinion that, less is more when it comes to blood but there is something appropriate about seeing a bit on a vampire’s sword! 😀

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    • Yeah, I rarely do much with the blood effects, but he has such a ferocious look to him in this pose that I felt it was appropriate. Having said that, I’ve had the spatter going again as I finished off another model just today…

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    • Thanks Mark. I was worried about him having too much red, but I did really want to keep the palette more restricted – though we do still have a touch of green and turquiouse in there!


  2. You would not believe how long I spent looking at that shield before I spotted it (rather worrying given that I essentially look at animals for a living). Great work on this one and a really nice miniature as well; one part regal, one part blood-mad killer – perfect vampire really!

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    • I do get it – I never noticed until I was actually adding the yellow to the shield. I’d had the model for years and even shaded around the wolf with darker red without noticing a single thing was amiss! 😀

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