My Round-Up for the Sixty Day Miniatures of Magnitude Painting Challenge

So here we are! The Finale of two months worth of mixing in a lot of larger models into my paint queue. Amusingly, the three large Reaper Bones models manage to completely dwarf even Ashardalon the Red Dragon – and Mossbeard the Treeman dwarfs both Goremaw and Mudgullet! There’s a normal, 28mm human-sized model just in front of Mossbeard – in between the Rage Drake and Trun Hunters.

Naturally, the two month timeline for the challenge meant that for my group shot I forgot to add one of the models that was part of the whole thing into the group shot.

Zombicide Green Horde Orc Abomination

This guy.


17 thoughts on “My Round-Up for the Sixty Day Miniatures of Magnitude Painting Challenge

    • Thanks Dave – I’m always helped in these things by the fact that I’ve got so many started but unfinished models. Kind of a backwards “positive” though… I’d much rather a clean slate to paint whatever takes my fancy…

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  1. Yea, that’s a two-month summary to be proud of, right there.

    I’m really starting to feel the need to get a more continual chronicle of my painting going. I can’t even really think of what I’ve painted this year Vs last year. And holy shit, Mossbeard is huge.

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    • Thanks Fredrik – it’s a skewed 2-month summary, though – it lacks all of the smaller models. I’ll be doing a proper June round-up (hopefully) sometime in the next week…


    • Knowing your amazing paint quality, I’lm sure the one and the four are all well worth it!
      Once the current final streak of my last June models is complete, I’ll have to get ouit there again and do a round-up of all the models I finished in June.


  2. An awesome round-up full of gaming goodness. I know some of these minis weren’t necessarily painted from beginning to end during the month but I still say that your typical monthly painting output is top-notch!


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