Small Scenics: Mantic Terrain Crate bits and pieces…

Mantic Terrain Crate

More little bits from Mantic’s Terrain Crate Kickstarter again today – not from any particular pack this time – these were taken from the box of “winner” parts – that is they weren’t warped to an awful degree (may or may not ever get to), weren’t warped to a (probably)-fixable degree, but were from the (sadly, too-small) portion of that KS that provided me with pieces that weren’t really warped at all and could actually be painted without too much hassle.

Mantic Terrain Crate

Due to this, they’re not especially “themed”, though I’ve done my best to do so in these pictures. As sculpts, the Terrain Crate stuff isn’t bad at all, and the PVC, while not amazing isn’t nearly as bad as the hydrophobic, spray-rejecting, sticky shit that Reaper’s Bones is usually made from, but it ain’t a patch on the Wizkids/Nolzurs’ stuff when it comes to being able to paint it. The wildly uneven quality of this first Terraincrate’s delivered product is a big reason why I skipped the second one outright.

Mantic Terrain Crate

As far as usefulness goes, it’s not bad, though clearly the fact is that this stuff is much more suited to RPGs than miniatures games. I mean, I could some of this stuff along with some tents to make a nice little campsite area for a SAGA game or whatnot, but even then it’s really just that much set dressing scatter detail rather than meaningful “terrain” to fight over (or around).

Mantic Terrain Crate

…or maybe a blacksmith’s shop. Like I said, they’re pretty RPG-appropriate. I doubt I’ll be doing much roleplaying anytime soon, though! Still, in finishing these I’ve also got another 25 little bits that will also count towards Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge! So thanks yet again to Dave for the motivation as I doubt I would have gotten to these things anytime soon otherwise…

13 thoughts on “Small Scenics: Mantic Terrain Crate bits and pieces…

    • Thanks mate – yeah they would work well for any of that sort of thing. I’ll keep them loose as I feel like they may come in handy for HeroQuest-type board games as well. Of course, I’m not past grabbing a loose bit of scatter – including painted/”finished” pieces – and adding it permanantly to a larger piece if the job calls for it!


  1. They look nice, and I think that you can probably get some value out of putting these down for your minis to fight over even if they don’t get rules to impact the mechanics of the game. Or if you go deep enough into the skirmish rabbit hole you might find something that works. For example, in Malifaux 2E (and 3E, for all I know) there was a cool scenario involving a battle at a party where the models could interact with the scenery and there was a reward for not throwing the first punch.

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    • Yeah, I enjoy using scatter for “environmmental storytelling” on my games tables. The main issue with a lot of this stuff being that it’s much more indoor-themed than outdoor. Still, if FRPGing happens again I’ll be well equipped!


  2. Everything is nicely painted as always and I recently got a small box of their terrain for a diorama and thankfully, most of what I got looks pretty good and easily fixed. While the quality varies more than it should, I do think all of these pieces will liven up any battlefield and are well worth the time it takes to paint up.

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    • Definite agreement on that last point, given how quick a lot of this stuff works out to be! Good to hear that yours came out pretty well, and I look forward to seeing you make little settings for ME and/or Fallout – similar to the tent-camp-area. πŸ™‚

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