Black Templars: Crusader Squad II

Only …four years(!) after I last worked on my Black Templars, I’ve finally been able to grit my teeth and complete the last five of my “original” batch of Templars. Out of these models, I only actually assembled one of them – the overdone guy with the powerfist and requilary. The others are (were) all “rescue marines” – assembled and (very) roughly painted Templars aquired via eBay who I got hold of, cleaned up, restarted, eventually changed the bases from 25mm to 32mm and then let sit for an embarassingly long time until I recently bit the bullet and forced myself to get them out of the backlog and into completed model land. Aside from the central model, the others have had arms reposed as they popped off over time, and I also popped out the head of the Swordsman, as he was looking straight ahead and it just looked odd. Much better looking where he’s pointing that blade!

There’s no special reason they took so long. Just the whole edge highlighting of black power armour is something that I find a bit draining. Not just black power armour, but black is one of the ones that can be a bit more obvious if you don’t get your blends right, so they remained easy to put to one side, despite wanting to get ’em done for literally years. I’m now ever-so-slightly on my way to having them as a small but playable force, with a squad of Power Armour and a squad of Terminators done. Just need a hero, a dreadnought and a vehicle, though I usually like my “2 squads” thing to be two Tactical squads, so there’s that, I guess. I will need to build and paint a second Crusader squad and then I can have a bit more fun with them. I might need some advice on what to build in terms of model equipment as well – Túbal? I should dig out all of the other BT stuff I have completed and do a little group shot before building any new ones.

A bit of freehand script for these three.

These models also happen to be the ones I was “supposed” to be painting over the New Year’s period when I instead got distracted and ended up painting a bunch of my Mentor Legion instead. Now that these five are done, I’ve gotten out a few more of my Mentors and have started working on those as my next set of Marines, aside from a few character models for various Chapters and Legions that sit around, getting a bit of attention here and there.

I’ve previously mentioned Ann’s the Summer Solstice Painting Challenge , but I guess the difficulty for me is which single model is my best/favourite? I do like both of these two quite a lot, but then again there’s another pair of models I also like quite a lot (next post). I mean, even out of these two I’m not sure which I like more. Mister Fancy-Reliquary-Fist, or the guy with the Powersword and the Templar Combat Shield?