Realm of Chaos: Age of Sigmar Khorne Bloodreavers #3

Age of Sigmar Khorne Bloodreavers

Okay! We’re done with Shadows of Brimstone and Reaper figures for the time being – it’s time for some other stuff! I’ll start with this foursome of Khorne Bloodreavers from the first Age of Sigmar starter set – after all, with the third edition just out, it’s time for me to get painting on the models from the first edition boxed set – because I’m nothing if not riding along the bleeding edge of GW’s new releases, am I? These four were started… I dunno. A couple of years ago at the very least, and there wasn’t really much done on them, either. Even though there’s only four of them, they’ve been one of the many small groups of models that I’ve had sitting around for ages, just needing to have some reason to be prioritised for the week or so of dipping in and out that it’d take for me to get them finished. The Black Templars were the same deal – and I’ve got lotys of other little groups like this, many of Space Marines or Chaos Marines, but also Savage Orcs, Space Orks, Zombicide survivors, and so on and on it goes.

Age of Sigmar Khorne Bloodreavers

As far as the scheme goes, it’s pretty much in line with the official GW box-art scheme, which in turn is pretty much in line with “Classic Khorne” going right back to the Slaves to Darkness volume of Realm of Chaos from 1988. So… that’s my touchstone, and I’m happy to stick with it. I’ve seen some really nice, and to be honest, much more realistic takes on these guys onine – and they look bloody nice, but for my own models – it’s that classic Slaves to Darkness look, and I’m good with that.

Age of Sigmar Khorne Bloodreavers, Blood Warrior

I also did a litlte bit of touchup on the Bloodreaver leader that I painted some time ago – as well as a Blood Warrior both of which I painted for use in games of Gorechosen. There’s also the model I converted from a plastic Shieldwolf Shieldmaiden and Bloodreaver parts, but she’s still in the touchup garage right now, so she’ll have a cameo once she’s ready to come out. I’m not counting these touchups of recent models in my monthly total, though. I should do some more of those, actually…