Reaper Bones Black 44040: Giant Bats (D&D Monster Manual 68)

Reaper Bones Black 44040: Giant Bats

Quick and easy win today – though it still took awhile longer than it should have to get them done, even after I started them – but here’s a trio of Giant Bats from Reaper’s Bones Black line of models, though I got these from whichever Kickstarter they dropped in. I know including them in the D&D series is kinda borderline, but Giant Bats are very much a D&D thing, and we all know that Reaper’s biggest thing is off-brand D&D models, so…

Reaper Bones Black 44040: Giant Bats

These are destined to maybe used in a D&D boardgame if needed, but otherwise will work as swarm models for Marouda’s Undead Kings of War army, and possibly as somethingorother in Vampire Counts …I mean “Soulblight Gravelords” for AoS.

17 thoughts on “Reaper Bones Black 44040: Giant Bats (D&D Monster Manual 68)

    • Yeah, the camera really captured the sheen on the second photo, but they’re a little more like the first pic overall – though to be fair, those ones are more shaded due to the lighting angles. 🙂

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  1. Nice work on these! They’re Bones Black, the darker, harder plastic? I saw them last year at my old hobby store in CA but they were the older white stuff, and the wings were badly bent so I didn’t bother getting them. If Reaper’s redone them in the new plastic I might give them a shot. Also, how do you keep churning out minis at such a rate?

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  2. Very nice paint job on these. As others said, good contrast, while being suitably dark. I honestly don’t like the sculpts, but you really made them shine. And the sculpts are much better than the old GW giant bats.


  3. I love a good bat sculpt and good on Marouda for picking the undead army in Kings of War. I really gravitate towards those in the traditional fantasy wargames too. I agree that these are versatile minis and I like how these are on gravestones. That makes them seem perfectly aligned with vampires!

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