Reaper Bones 77372: Burrowing Horror (Not-Bulette, D&D Monster Manual 71) (Monster MAYhem ’22)

Reaper Bones 77372: Burrowing Horror. Not-Bulette, D&;D Monster Manual

The first of my models for this year’s Monster MAYhem challenge, at Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging, I have a Reaper Bones model – the “Burrowing Horror”. This is their legally distinct version of the D&D Monster, the “Bulette” – which in turn is one of those old-school monsters that were Gygax based on those old toys that were mixed in with the little cheap bags of Dinosaurs that – if you’re of a certain vintage – you probably got as a kid.

Reaper Bones 77372: Burrowing Horror. Not-Bulette, D&;D Monster Manual

As with many of these large but low-detail Bones models, this wasn’t hard to paint. Sure, I could have painted it a lot better than I did, shading the scales more realistically and so forth. Instead, I did a very simple job with it since it’s a verrry basic sculpt, and one made from the original, tacky, shit-tier Bones PVC. Even after firstly priming the whole models in watered-down liquid greenstuff, then priming it for a second time with Reaper’s Brown Liner, then painting it almost entirely with Reaper’s HD paints, I dared to varnish it with paint-on AK interactive varnish – leading to this piece of shit model ending up tacky.

Reaper Bones 77372: Burrowing Horror. Not-Bulette, D&;D Monster Manual, Reaper 50153: Berkeley, Zombie Survivor

So it’s done. It’ll go into a case until I need it for a D&D game (so possibly forever). No prizes for guessing that I skipped Reaper’s most recent Bones Kickstarter entirely. Easier and cheaper and better quality to just buy a resin 3d printer and a pile of STLs via Patreon. Finally, here’s the scale shot with everyone’s favourite scale model – Berkeley aka “Chainsaw Girl”.

21 thoughts on “Reaper Bones 77372: Burrowing Horror (Not-Bulette, D&D Monster Manual 71) (Monster MAYhem ’22)

  1. I really like it, and yes I have some of those plastic monsters up in the loft. though never knew they were related to D&D till much later on. We are hopefully going to do an (old plastic figures) challenge soon where you post up pics of your old plastic “army men” I might try and find my old Bulette!

    Cheers Roger.

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    • That’d be cool. Some of mine may still exist, but they’d be in deep, deep (lost) storage at my parent’s place somewhere. Best I can probably do would be Rogue Trader-era models, as I don’t think I have m(any) of the old Minifigs left…


  2. Your experiences with this mini are what scare me with Reaper. I have no patience for those kinds of issues as well. I’m sorry you had to deal with the headaches. With all that said, I think the color scheme looks great and makes this a creepy crawler. Excellent work as always, mate!

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