RPE Ice Troll: (aka Heartbreaker’s Earthdawn Bloodlore Troll)

Heartbreaker 347 Earthdawn Bloodlore Troll, RPE Ice Troll

Today we have what might seem like a bit of a random model, it’s RPE’s Ice Troll, that I picked up some years ago and had cut off the integral metal base, rebased on a 40mm square for Kings of War, primed white and then promptly left on a shelf in a cupboard ever since. I picked up thsi model to add in with my C23 Chaos Ogre and Berserker Ogre, in that it could easily pass as a not-quite-right Ogre, that’s perhaps a little chaos-touched to use in my Kings of War Ogre force as one of the Berserker Ogre unit.

Heartbreaker 347 Earthdawn Bloodlore Troll, RPE Ice Troll

He’s a little squat, and his head, embedded in his chest in a weird way with weird horn/tusks protruding from the sides of his face, and the overall sculpt is very much a flat one-piece metal model of that 90’s-2000’s period – but it was a reaonably enjoyable and reasonably fast palette cleanser after spending the most part of the previous month painting Zombicide models with a few Last Chancers thrown in. The details and things like the musculature are technically well-sculpted, which is a positive aspect of the model.

Heartbreaker 347 Earthdawn Bloodlore Troll, RPE Ice Troll

It does look pretty good front – or even back-on, so I think if I use this one in a Kings of War force he’ll be best placed in the middle of a unit, with other models on his flanks to “hide” the flatness. As far as the painting goes, mostly earthy tones with the exception of the shoulder pauldrons. I guess they were “supposed” to be painted like ice crystals because Ice Troll, but I thought a metallic green had a nice enough kind of weird fantasy look to it in my mind’s eye. With all of the fur and bone details on the model, I went with a middle “barbarian” skin tone befitting an ogre who gets a fair bit of sun (as opposed to an “Ice Troll” with lots of exposed skin?). I also wanted the bones he’s wearing and holding to be distinct from his tusks, skins and furs, so I went for white rather than yellowed bone.

So… yeah. Nicely detailed model and an enjoyable, straightforward bit of painting that actually has a use in my long-dormant Ogre Army…

22 thoughts on “RPE Ice Troll: (aka Heartbreaker’s Earthdawn Bloodlore Troll)

  1. Great looking Troll mate, the green pauldrons give the impression of Dragon skin with the colours you’ve chosen, that totally works for this model.

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    • Yeah, I agree. Since there have been a few of the old-school Citadel Ogres with horns of various types, I figure I’ll drop him in with those ones and he should be fine! 🙂


  2. I never used to think about the flatness aspect of earlier models. Maybe it’s a gamer thing, maybe because they are easier to paint, or maybe because I tend to mix them in with other newer models. Either way, I sometimes prefer them over newer models. Though I guess they do look weird if you have a lot of flat minis all together. I can’t say I’m crazy about the mini, just not my cup of tea. But your paints are quite wonderful. Especially the axe and leather grip on it!

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    • Thanks! He’s got an odd head and an undersized bone(!) but I like the musculature and the fur, both of which were enjoyable to paint. Many of the older metal models in general suffered from being flat, but it all depended on the skill of the scuptor in posing the model as to whether it felt like a flat model once you had it in hand.

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      • Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have my own old minis that I just love to death and certainly no one else does. In fact, I picked up some old Champions RPG minis a bit ago off Ebay. Sculpts are horrible and I imagine my paints won’t do them much better, haha!

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      • Haha, thats especially true of older models – the good old “they have character” – which generally isn’t untrue, but can be an interesting euphemism as well…


  3. While I know what you mean about him being flat, I think it is still a great looking sculpt and I really like how you changed him into a regular/chaos troll. He certainly could be an ice troll but I think he looks really awesome the way that you painted him. I hope you’ve got some more Ogre sculpts kicking around over there because I love to see them!

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    • Thanks Kuribo! There’s some nice detail on that one for sure that was fun to paint. Speaking of Ogres and (not) fun to paint, I’ve just finished a very old (c23) Ogre from 1985 that has been part-painted for at least 10 years. One of those kinds of models that’s well sculpted, but an absolute bitch to paint for various reasons. Anyway, he’ll be posted up on the blog fairly soon, and I’ve got plenty more ogres still to paint….

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      • Haha I’m sure I could find some real ugly ones from that year! What? No… I’m not talking about *you*! Why would you even think that….? 😀


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