Blood Bowl 3e: Khemri-Flavoured Undead Proxy Team – Ghouls!

Blood Bowl 3e: Khemri Tomb Kings Undead Proxy Team - Paul Muller Ghouls! 1998 1999

Having completed my 3rd Edition Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf team, it’s time to go back to my other unfinished teams from that era and get those models finally complete. This first batch is from my Undead Team – based on the Champions of Death player positions, I started this lot before the rules later came out for Khemri/Tomb Kings teams – so the models aren’t exactly in line with those, and after having a good look at the current Undead BB options, are actually more in theme with the current Champions of Death/Shambling Undead – though at this stage my plan is to simply disregard any and all current rules and team make-up until I’ve got all of my original model conversions painted and complete – and then I’ll have a look at the 2022 options for a “proper” Undead, and even Khemri team (once the later are released?) and probably add a few things in as needed. In the interim, there’s nothing stopping us using these models in friendly/home games as long as we like. I’m pretty sure that the Blood Bowl Current Rules Police won’t kick my door down, anyway….

Blood Bowl 3e: Khemri Tomb Kings Undead Proxy Team - Paul Muller Ghouls! 1998 1999

These four models are based on the Legendary Paul Muller 1998/1999 metal Warhammer Fantasy Ghouls. Still the best ghoul models from Citadel in my opinion. Side note – you can still get Paul Muller-sculpted Ghouls in 2022 over at Heresy Miniatures. either in Metal or Siocast thermal plastic. I’ve got the metal set myself, that I, err.. still need to assemble and paint. I named three of them back in the day but for whatever reason still needed to name the fourth one, so I did that yesterday. I also don’t recall where those shoulder pads came from, though I do remember that they’re plastic, I needed to cut a slot out of them on the underside. I added the “detail” to them with some thin brown lines over gold. The football was also created by adding some putty over the rock that one Ghoul was holding, and then trimming it back.

21 thoughts on “Blood Bowl 3e: Khemri-Flavoured Undead Proxy Team – Ghouls!

  1. Calling all cars, calling all cars, we’ve got a BB Twelve Niner Infraction….!! Minis wise, I do think they look more ghoulish than some of the current offerings. Good to know that these are WHFB Ghouls, because I was really taxing my memory cells trying to figure out which edition of BB these came from! Team wise, the Khemri have Skeletons and other stuff. Shambling Undead (or REAL Undead) have 0-4 Ghouls and Necromantic have 0-2 Ghouls. Either way, if you paint your Undead minis in a similar color scheme, you would be good to go. Like you mentioned we still don’t know what the actual Khemri team will be, so who knows if they end up adding Ghouls or not anyways?!

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    • Yeah, I ended up having a solid look through the current rules where everything is now scattered over several books (yet again) and then just looking at the boxed sets for sale – and found that I was indeed just emulating the official Champions of Death box from 3rd ed.
      My plan is to just disregard everything current and paint the models I have – and once that’s done, I’ll convert whatever I can need/can easily aquire to make a full roster for one of the sub-factions, and then worry about changing it again, if needed, for the eventual official team…

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      • There’s one main rulebook with the 2020 rules. That’s pretty much all you need. Any new team rosters can always be found online. The Spike! Magazines are more fun bits of fluff than anything, and most of them all get collected along with any extraneous rules in a yearly almanac. I find it’s way better than what they did with Necromunda at least. I gave up on that game after trying to work through the freakin mess of books.

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      • Yeah, I’ve got everything released this edition (except for the FW Star Players and the Assling team/cards) – So there’s 3 bog books – the Rules, Death Zone and the Almanac that I looked at. I should go through the books and work out which Spike! magazines I can retire to upstairs, actually…
        And yeah, Bookromunda is a fucking mess!


    • Cheers Dave – yeah they were/are great models. I wish I’d gotten some mroe of them in the day to be quite honest – but then again, I could say that for quite a lot of models….

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  2. I prefer the old ghouls to the newer ones GW has come up with as they’re a bit more Hammer Horror (which is a good thing to me anyway). I look forward to seeing more of this team as you get around to it. I may have to start a GoFundMe so you and Wudugast can meet in a neutral location and face off in Blood Bowl as well 😀

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    • Yeah, they went pretty hard on the whole “bone piercing” thing with the plastics that replaced these, and while they’re technically nice models, I just don’t get the whole bone piercing thing – or how they think it fits into the current depiction of Ghouls thinking that they’re Brettonians!

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