Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Zombie Iron Man

Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Zombie Iron Man, Zombicide Iron Man

And now back to Marvel-themed models, and the next thing I have to show for February is Iron Man. Well… Zombie Iron Man, from CMoN’s Zombicide offshoot, Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance which is a cut-down, retailer-friendly version of the “full” game – Marvel Zombies.

This was my first experiment using Citadel’s Technical Gemstone Paints over a pre-highlighted-and-shaded metallic base – something suggested to me by for Dave Stone, whose current Paint what You Got challenge. is something this model also qualifies for.

The first layer of Spiritstone Red was a bit patchy and looked a bit too light in places, so I gave it a second layer of Blood for the Blood God which worked nicely to add a bit more depth and darkened the very bright armour down. I mean, it did look very “comic-book Iron Man”, but at this point I do like the reds a bit deeper.

The model’s face is more than a bit mushily-detailed – not the most handsome or defined that Tony – or even Zombie Tony has looked, but you wqork with what you’ve got and the model will be more than fine as a board game tabletop villain.

I have to say that using the gemstone paints for this laquered armour effect has positives and negatives – it looks very cool in person, but doesn’t translate nearly as well to photographs. So while Jeff Fenech’s famous saying of “I love youse all” applies here, I am in the end painting these models primarily for myself and my table rather than for painting competitions or internet points.

20 thoughts on “Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Zombie Iron Man

    • Thanks John! The Marvel Zombies concept is certainly an interesting one, though the final, full game will offer a lot more options to play as either living or (un)dead versions of quite a few Heroes and Villains so you could certainly stack the deck to be playing as whoever you like. The only non-zombie heroes in the full sets are Spider-Man (for some reason) and Black Panther – which I assume is because of Chadwick Boseman’s relatively recent passing.

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      • I’m not sure if it’s really Chadwick Boseman’s passing versus how the character was treated in that comics run. I won’t give it away, but if I remember right it’s the only black character in the book and he gets pretty brutalized. Nuff said there.

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      • I could imagine that, but these days the comics are a distant second to the MCU in terms of “importance”, and Chadwick’s passing was/is a pretty big deal – so “Zombie Chadwick Boseman” stories in the gutter press (Daily Mail, etc) and on websites like Kotaku and Polygon – all feeding public outrage from clueless woketards looking for things to be offended by on Twitter, is the kind of PR issue I’m sure that they were happy to just easily sidestep entirely. Especially easy for them to do since in the “What If?” MCU/D+ storylines, BP Stayed Alive…

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  1. Great work on Iron Man mate, those gem paints do take some getting used to, did you try purple wash as shadow on the silver before applying the gem paint ? shame about the sculpt being soft in detail, but you’ve done a great job regardless.

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    • Thanks Dave. No purple on him, though there’s also no silver there either – I went with gold as the base, shaded with sepia and then the red over the top of it. I know purple can work as a shade for Gold (or red) but not on Iron Man’s gold armour! 😉

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    • Yeah, I’m really 80’s-early 90’s as far as my Marvel-ing goes, so I’ve always been pretty indifferent to things like “The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe” and the Marvel Zombies concept (it was ok as an “elseworlds” thing in “What If?”)
      Still, I’m a big Zombicide fan and games where the Heroes join the rest of the cast of Zombicide is right up my alley – They’ll pretty easily fit into 2nd Edition Zombicide games with a few house rule tweaks, which has the potential for some very silly fun!


    • This version of the game is pretty accessible and affordable (it’s what I have at the moment)

      if you end up liking it, it’s one where you can certainly pour a lot of time (and money) in afterwards! 😉


  2. Well done and a perfect model to test a new trick out on! Honestly though, I’m going to leave painting with gem stone paints to you and Dave! I’ve had enough troubles with the WarColours gel-based paints and GW’s gem stones to where the thought of painting a whole mini with them makes me twitch!

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