Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel (Dark Vengeance).

Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel, Dark Vengeance

My last model for December, and for 2020 itself is this Dark Angel Librarian from the Dark Vengeance boxed set. As usual, this model was started quite awhile ago and then sat part-basecoated for a couple of years. Every so often I’d do a tiny bit of work to him and then put him aside again.

Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel, Dark Vengeance

Even when I decided to knuckle down and try to get this guy done in the last days of December, it wasn’t actually easy. As you can see, this guy is just totally covered in all manner of detail and excessive amounts of bling. Even so I was able to add a little bit of freehand on the inside of the cloak – the lining, mirroring the style sculpted onto the outside as well as a pattern on the crimson, which my poor photography has managed to wash out entirely.

Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel, Dark Vengeance

I went with metal armour in a mixture of green and gold in lieu of the “official” blue – which as I’ve mentioned before – I just don’t grok with. I’ve also been partial to giving my Dark Angels green and/or red robes and capes rather than bone, especially so on when there’s a lot of cloth happening.

Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel, Dark Vengeance

Once again, this model works for Dave Stone’s “Paint what you got” challenge”.  which is running through to the end of February.

Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel, Dark Vengeance

Yeah, you can see just how much bling this guy is covered with. It’s quite a busy model, and already looks quite skittle-y without adding blue armour into the mix. There’s a subtle touch of blue tone throughout his sword, but I think that’s enough for this guy.

Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel, Dark Vengeance, Asmodai, Interrogator-Chaplain, Dark Angels Techmarine, Dark Angels Jump Pack Librarian.

And here he is, alongside my other completed Dark Angel hero models to date. Obviously, I needs to get a captain and/or lieutenant painted, so (in theory) that’s what will be next for them.

From the Painting Desk #14 – Lots of DVDA

Yep, a WIP post. I haven’t done many of these in the last couple of years, but motivation is key! After a couple of months worth of scratching off mould lines at work, I’ve finally gotten a chunk of the Dark Vengeance models ready to start painting – specifically a whole bunch of Dark Angel tactical marines. While I’ve been ill over the last week, I spent what time I could doing simple hobby-related work. Clipping off tabs, filing off feet, gluing washers underneath bases, gluing figures (and slate chunks) to bases. With some less-cold weather finally here yesterday I was able to take a spray can to the based figures.

Round One was naturally the black primer, followed today by D̶a̶r̶k̶ ̶A̶n̶g̶e̶l̶s̶ ̶C̶a̶l̶i̶b̶a̶n̶ Brunswick Green spray paint from Bunnings. I’ve left the heavy weapon guys and Sergeants to the side for now, as I’ll want to vary them a lot more. So it’s just the more generic Dark Angel Marines being worked on for now.

So now the basic guys are all sprayed, and I’m going through the fun of individually sanding their bases while being careful not to get any on their feet or the slate shards on their bases. Tedious, but I know it’ll work out in the end. The current plan is to fully paint all of them, and simply leave off the squad designation number decal from their tactical arrow. Once I work out Sergeants and Heavies (and vary the specialists as I go) I’ll start forming them into actual squads. Which will be a doddle if all that’s left is simply applying a decal and varnish.

Lots more DV DA to go after that. There are still (at least) 5 sets of Deathwing Terminators from DV as well as all of the DA Ravenwing Bikes. I’m going to be busy for awhile…

Something arrived in my mailbox a few days ago… a letter from France!

A little morsel wrapped up. What could it be?

A beautifully-sculpted Rackham Goblin! Kindly sent to me by Carlo, who has been turning out some great looking goblins over the past few months. Thank you my friend! Very much appreciated, and I will certainly get him painted to join my small tribe of greenskins!