Moria Goblins with Spears.

Nothing too exciting today – but since I’m showing off what I finish… and this week I’ve finished this unit of Moria Goblins from GW’s LotR games. I’m working to finish the sword & shield armed batch now. I just need to find their shields, or even some replacement shields since the original ones got lost in a move…

Mines of Moria Goblins, Fellowship of the Ring Goblins

Citadel Moria Goblins from Lord of the Rings

GW Moria Goblins


I’m really taking this desk-clearing, model-finishing thing seriously this year, I’m rather happy to say. Results!

5 thoughts on “Moria Goblins with Spears.

  1. Nice! And you have unintentionally supplied a useful service to me, since seeing those pictures reminded me that I have some goblins that need finishing. I’ve found them in a long unopened box (they have a cave troll, too!) so now they have gone into the queue. cheers.


  2. Hahah, no problem – and always glad to in some way help others to get more paint on models. Had no luck finding the shields for the other gobboes today, but I did find some half-painted command/captains. So now I’ll try and finish them as well as try to find some shields tomorrow.


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