Hell Dorado’s Ashoka: A Painting December Reprise

Ashoka, Hell Dorado, Crocodileman

Those readers who have been following this blog for awhile might recall the Painting December project, where in December 2015 I attempted to put aside the normal-scale models I usually work on in favour of getting some larger, more centrepiece models done. I managed to complete the Mierce’s Talos, before moving onto both the Marauder Giant and Be’Lakor. – Neither of whom I managed to finish, and both of whom still lay on my desk, sadly buried under other projects…

Ashoka, Hell Dorado, Crocodileman

Ashoka, from the now-discontinued Hell Dorado game’s “The Lost” range was a figure I picked up several years ago. I got a pile of figures in their Kickstarter, and another pile via retail, though I never got around to reading the rules or playing it. Still, as you can see – it’s a bloody nice figure, and one I decided was going to be a “bonus, secret stretch goal” for the Painting December project. Like the other two, he sat forgotten and unfinished for a couple of years (despite a couple of false starts that kept ending when his arms broke off) until recently, when I just had one of those “just finish that fucking thing” moments, and so that weekend, I did. As it happens, it worked out nicely, since his dual-wielded axes helped him get proxied into our first games of Gorechosen as one of the champions. Despite not being an obvious champion of Khorne, I think his aesthetic fits into a game of gladiatorial combat just fine. So he came back inside to get his base-skull added. I based Ashoka on a rolled-lip 50mm base because a 40mm GW base was too small, and 60mm was too large. 50mm just seems to be the right balanced size for some figures, and mounting him on some cork allowed enough clearance for his tail to not be scraping the base edge. It also makes an already-imposing model even moreso, so there’s that as well.

Ashoka, Hell Dorado, Crocodileman

I dunno if I’ll ever actually play Hell Dorado. I’ve certainly got enough models, and I’m not too fussed about the lore, but it’s yet another ruleset to learn, and it’s one of those games that comes with printed cards for the miniatures. Anyone reading this have any idea where I left Ashoka’s card? Yeah. That’s my problem with card-based unit stat systems. Give me a codex-style book-based system any day of the week.

Ashoka, Hell Dorado, Crocodileman

So aside from Gorechosen, what does the future hold for Ashoka? Well, I figure he’ll find a home alongside either or both of my eventual Chaos Beastmen and Lizardmen forces, as he fits both aesthetics nicely enough. Especially now that GW are starting to recognise beastman sub-races other than Gors again.

12 thoughts on “Hell Dorado’s Ashoka: A Painting December Reprise

  1. Nice painting, I was guessing this is Warhammer and one of the Lizardmen units. I have been playing Total War Warhammer and can’t wait until the next game comes out this fall. Anyway, I like all the shading and the metal. How long does it take for you to finish a figure like this? I was painting on and off all day, I hope to have some figures done next weekend. I have been working on about 15 or so figures the past few weeks. Ok, take care for now.

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    • Thank you. He’s actually from a different game (Hell Dorado) but I’ve not played it, and will be mixing him in with my various Warhammery models, since he fits well with them. I’ve purchased TW:Warhammer when it was on Steam sale, but I don’t think my PC will run it well (need to buy a new machine). I know the game is good and the next one also looks very promising.
      For time… it really depends on how well I focus. I could (probably) finish a figure like this in a day if I concentrated, though things like undercoating, basing, varnishing, adding washes (lots of washes on this guy’s metals) – and especially waiting for all of that stuff to dry – blows out the time for even an easy figure to a couple of days, and of course with the need to go to work and rest up after a week of work, it draws the process out further.
      Good to hear that you’ve been doing a ton of painting. Please make sure to post them up on your blog once they’re done!


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