Hell Dorado Ashoka – Sizing!

Hell Dorado Ashoka

I’ve been asked a few times in different places just how big the Ashoka model actually is. Because apparently my memory is getting worse, I keep forgetting about that, and then forgetting to photograph it alongside some other models. So I finally remembered – here he/she (I’m not looking to check!) is alongside a standard Space Marine on 32mm base, and a Khorne Bloodbound model, also on a 32mm base. Ashoka is on a 50mm “rolled edge” WMH-style base, and also raised up a little on a platform of stone (cork).

17 thoughts on “Hell Dorado Ashoka – Sizing!

  1. He is pretty cool, and it is good to see its relative size. I think I might have been one of the people asking, though I’m not sure now. Nicely painted and I tend to favor anthropomorphic reptiles and amphibians, so that is good too.

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    • Thanks Ann – I think you were as well. I *think* I’ve got some other cool croc-men to paint sometime, though it looks like the Nurgle Crew will be taking the Christmas project slot this year.

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      • Great, I’ll keep one of my good eyes open for them then! I’m also, like so many others it seems in Nurgle Mode these days too, though some Tzeentch has been slowly creeping back into my schedule lately as well. As the case may be, bring on the anthropomorphic amphibians and crocomen!

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      • I’ve pretty much finished building a pair of the larger Nurgle models. I’d hoped to get more of my other projects finished to clear some space for me to get started on some Plaguebearers as a warm-up, but RL has intruded pretty severely recently. Keep your Nurgly modles coming Ann – I need something to keep my motivation up to get started on mine!

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      • Hehe, I certainly will. I am hoping to finish up my first squad of ten plaguebearers soon. I finished number eight, though unfortunately while I like certain aspects of how he came out quite a lot, overall I’m not as pleased with him as I am some of the other ones. But I’m looking forward to tackling the musician and banner guy soon.

        As always, I very much enjoy seeing what you are up to painting-wise. 🙂

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  2. Also, looking forward to seeing what you do with your GUO. I like the model a lot, though I do think it is kind of small for today’s world unfortunately. Wouldn’t stop me from painting and using one if I had it already though. Plan on adding one to my forces at some point, if I find one that I like the looks of.

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    • I’ve got the 90’s metal one almost completely assembled now. Right pain in the arse with the pinning and gap filling, but it will (hopefully!) be worthwhile in the end. The FW DP is also done (well, assembly), and I think I’ll start with some touch-ups and rebasing of my RoC GUO, then into Plague Bearers and/or Poxwalkers. The FW GUO seems a bit too big, like crazytown big for a 40k scale model, really. But then I guess it’s a named greater daemon…

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      • Sounds like you are making very good progress on your foetid warriors. Yes, I remember some years ago, when I first started with 40K, one of the people who introduced me to the game had a Nurgle army and he waxed eloquent about the trials and tribulations of assembling the GUO. I like the model, though as I said it seems a bit small. I didn’t know that the FW one was crazy big.


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