A New Year…

For what are obvious reasons to any regular reader, I didn’t post a “Merry Christmas” last week, and I’m not really up to a “Happy New Year” one either. Not that I wish a shitty time on anyone, it’s just… well, you know.

For much the same reason, I’m not really up to doing a whole big reflection post for 2017. (Fun fact – I started one for 2016 and never finished it – it’s still sitting in my drafts folder, half-written!)

However, I’ll do a simpler one. I do keep track of what I paint each year – have done so for a few years now, and for what it’s worth, this year was my most productive yet. Of course, my list counts each individual bit of scatter terrain (like boxes) as a figure, but then, so a Dreadnought is only one figure by the same token. With the resurrection of Warhammer 40k via 8th edition, I got a lot more 40k stuff completed this year than… ever before, though I still got a reasonable number of Fantasy and a few LotR models done as well.

Anyway, here’s the list for 2017:


1x Viking Musician
2x Viking Daneaxe
1x Foundry Viking Berserker
1x Stonehaven Female Dwarf Thief
1x Stonehaven Female Dwarf Warrior
4x BFSP Dwarf Musicians—> 4th January
Day 4
10 Models


4x BFSP Dwarf Leaders
2x BFSP Dwarf Standards

—> 5th January
Day 5
16 Models


40x Dragon’s Teeth/Tank Traps
30x BFSP Dwarf Warriors

—> 6th January
Day 6
86 Models


11x Legions of Steel Nightmares
3x BFSP Dwarf Cannon
10x Conan Wolves
5x Conan Barrels

—> 16th January
Day 16
115 Models


12x Sedition Wars Sci-Fi Crates
12x Sedition Wars Barricades
16x Renedra Tents
1x DUST Drop crate

—> 24th January
Day 16
156 Models


4x Mantic Mars Attacks Street Signs
1x Oldhammer Orc
3x Iron Warriors CSM

—> 11th January
Day 42
164 Models


4x Mantic Mars Attacks Benches
2x 4th Ed Orcs
3x 4th Ed Orc Big’Uns
1x Heartbreaker Orc

—> 23rd February
Day 54
174 Models


3x Marauder Dwarf Slayers
1x Zoat
1x Stonehaven Dwarf
1x Dwarf Runesmith
1x Heartbreaker Black Orc/Big’un

—> 24th February
Day 55
181 Models


2x Viking Axemen
2x 40k Booby Traps
1x Ruin Objective Base
1x Bones Fountain
2x Dark Elf Assassins
1x C15 Orc “Cyclops” (1985, Perry)

—> 4th March
Day 63
190 Models


3x Oldhammer 3rd Ed Orcs
2x Black Templars
1x Marauder Goblin MM30/3a
1x Witch King Mounted

—> 9th March
Day 68
197 Models


2x Oldhammer 3rd Ed Orc Crew
1x Black Templar
1x Black Templar Standard
1x Ninja
8x Iron Warrior Legacy models
2x Marauder Dwarf Slayers

—> 11th March
Day 70
212 Models


2x Oldhammer Nick Lund Black Orcs – Standard & Musician (renovated)
1x Bones Hydra

—> 23rd March
Day 82
215 Models


16x Uruk-Hai Siege Ladders
4x Uruk-Hai Bombs
8x Confrontation Ruined Walls

2x Empire Flagellants
1x Marauder Dwarf Slayer
6x Descent V1 Hellhounds
1x Descent Hellhound Unit Base
1x Moria Dead Dwarf Scenery

—> 8th April
Day 98
254 Models


2x Marauder Dwarf Slayer
1x Giant Slayer Musician
1x Giant Slayer Standard

—> 15th April
Day 105
258 Models


1x Askosha Croc-Man
1x Bloodbound Bloodreaver Champion
6x RT Black Templar Terminators
1x Ruin Objective Base
2x Giant Slayers

—> 14th May
Day 134
271 Models


12x Legion of the Damned (renovated)
12x LotR Harad Abrakhân Guard
8x Vikings (Cannon)
1x Runestone
1x Fallen Dark Angel
6x RT Black Templar Terminators
1x Jokaero
1x Space Wolf Wolf Base

5x Space Wolf Wolves (basing upgrade)*********

—> 11th June
Day 162
318 (313) Models


—> 30th June
Day 181
318 (313)*** Models <—————– check photos and newish models
3x Foundry Perry Vikings
8x Dark Angels Assault Marines (rebased)
7x Dark Angels Tactical Squad 3 (rebased)
7x Dark Angels Tactical Squad 4 (rebased)
2x Russian Alternative Chaos Dwarf Berserker Slayer-heroes
—> 1st July
Day 182
345 (340)*** Models
8x Foundry Perry Vikings
1x Callidus Assassin (rebased)
—> 20th July
Day 201
354 (349)*** Models
2x Black Templars
—> 22nd July
Day 203
356 (351)*** Models
5x Dark Angel Tacticals
—> 4th Aug
Day 216
361 (356)*** Models
7x Ork Boyz
2x Dark Angels Assault Marines
1x RT Dark Angels Librarian
5x Minotaurs Devastators
—> 19th Aug
Day 231
376 (371)*** Models
7x Ork Boyz
1x Fallen Dark Angel
5x Minotaurs Devastators
—> 3rd Sept
Day 246
389 (384)*** Models
3x Ork Boyz
—> 10th Sept
Day 253
392 (387)*** Models
1x Minotaurs Apothecary
1x GM Slaver Ork
1x Asmodai
3x RT Orks
1x Narik Dreygur
1x RT Fallen Angel
2x Obliterators ****** (upgrade)
1x Dark Apostle ****** (upgrade)
7x IW Plaguemarines
6x Ork Slugga Boyz
1x FW IW Dread
1x IW Warsmith
—> 27th Oct
Day 300
418 (-8 = 410)*** Models
4x Ork Boyz
1x Calth Dark Angel
1x Objective Marker
1x Mentor Legion Dreadnought
1x Technobridge
1x Pine Bunker (Update)
3x Teleport Homers
—> 19th Nov
Day 323
430 (-8 = 422)*** Models
5x Deathwatch Squad
2x Mentor Legion Primaris Lieutenants
—> 31 Dec
Day 365
437 (-8 = 429)*** Models



14 thoughts on “A New Year…

  1. …and I was happy to nearly hit 100 models! Very impressed. Amusing aside: as I scanned down the list of models and the images I briefly wondered why you’d painted railway track… then realised they are siege ladders!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s not 422/30 from start to finish, though – The fact that I count renovations, rebasings scatter terrain and completions of previously-started models makes it easier to finish more stuff.


  2. Well, I was happy with my 100 target met, but yours in incredible, plus your painting is always fantastic! Hope 2018 is better for you, and I look forward to more painted models.


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