Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #10: The Army So Far (End Feb ’08)

So this is the state of the army now, two months into 2018. Four packs of Plaguebearers, two Beasts of Nurgle, 1 Daemon Prince of Nurgle (represented by the original GUO), 1 Great Unclean One and Mamon the Transfigured. I’m not even going to worry about “proper” points at this stage, but it comes to a Power Level of 54 for 8th edition 40k, so we’re getting towards a decent sized force – though a ton of those points come from the Great Unclean One.

21 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #10: The Army So Far (End Feb ’08)

  1. That’s a lovely collection you’ve assembled! Fantastic job all around!

    I think some of those Nurglite flies would look really good and give the force another visual angle. I am also tempted to say the beasts stick out a bit: Don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful models. But it seems like they don’t share any colours with the rest of the army — while I think you should keep them white, is there maybe a way to pick up a colour that is used elsewhere as well? Maybe the teeth could be repainted in the same colour you’ve used for the rest of the teeth across the army?

    Anyway, that’s nitpicking of the highest order, of course. You can be really proud of the army as is! 🙂

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    • I have some of the flies in the queue, so they’re definitely lined up for the future. It’s true that the maggots stand out, but I’m often in favour of using colours that work for the model first, then for the army second. To me at least, they would have looked forced if I’d painted them in greens or something like that, though I think they fit in well enougn next to those “flesh” plaguebearers, with just another variation in tone.
      I did consider using the white-bone for the teeth before going gloss black, but their skin is pretty much in the same tones so the teeth would have been lost. Once I have more models painted – specifically the flyers, I think they’ll fit in much more coherently.
      Remember – this is an early WIP of the army!

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      • Once I get some flies and bloaty-things sorted out, they’ll share the maggoty-white skin in places, and so the maggots should then stand out a little less. Besides, when I get to the modern plaguebearers, I’ll be doing some yellowish/ochre skin tones as well as matching the current ones.


  2. Great work, love the Beasts. They look super hungry, but with all those distasteful things surrounding them, they probably don’t even know what to eat!! I’d take the next army pic on a different background, so the other models don’t been in so much. You have some amazing work to show off there. 😀

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    • Thank you! The problem I have with this force now is that it’s far too large to photograph them all in the light box, so I’m left with the good-light-for-gaming-in but not nearly as intense as the light box of the gaming table with a mat, so there’s pretty much always going to be too many shadows with these army shots now, unfortunately – especially with a “muddy” toned army like Nurgle.

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