February Painting Round-Up

The last of what has seemed to be a ton of wrap-up and round-up posts for February, it’s my monthly round-up for February 2018.

February 2018’s completed models. (54 Models!)

January’s count came to a total of 59 (there was a missing Plaguebearer!) so with a total of 54 models completed, February has almost been as productive in number terms, but I’ve got a couple of larger models in there as well. Still, it’s worth remembering that I’m totalling figures completed, not start-to-finish – though with 36 models start-to-finish, I’m way better than par there!

January 2018’s completed models. (58 of 59 shown)

You know, it might be a bit of fun to have previous months’ layout underneath just-finished month as a visual guide.

113 models in two months? Holy shit! This is clearly my best output ever.


19 thoughts on “February Painting Round-Up

    • Cheers Alex. I doubt I’ll be keeping this kind of pace all year, but my target is as always for the past few years 365 models minimum, so a few productive months gives me a bit of a lead for when I burn out 3/4 of the way through the year.

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      • The Plaguebearers, wolves and maggots were the only start-to-finish ones this month, and they’re pretty simple to do I found, so I was able to batch-paint them. The others were all already started.
        My whole thing is about *finishing* models – doesn’t matter when they were started or how little work is left to complete them.
        My challenges are often to make me think about how *this* model probably only needs 20 minutes of work to get it done and *that* model might need maybe an hour. Or two.
        Others, like this Monster March from Swordmaster will need a bit more than that small amount of time but still very doable when you look at that Dracoliche and Bone Giant.

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      • Oh yea, this is “Monster March”. If I need a break from Dwarves or have some free time, I should see if I have something to put together. Lately, the breaks have been terrain. Something that will end up on my blog at some point as I get back into the swing of things.

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