Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #13: Sammy the Snail

This cute little fella is a random thing that ended up in my figure boxes. I don’t remember when or where or who it came from. It’s basically a life-size snail. I suspect that it was one of those little shelf knick-knacks in soft-ish pewter that people put on their shelves or whatever, and I can only guess that it came from my mum.

Since I’ve been painting the Nurgle Daemon stuff lately, I decided to get it done, finally. It’s not quite a Beast of Nurgle in stature (unless it’s a puppy!), so I figure it can be used as a non-combat familiar model. Maybe an Objective marker occasionally. Something to follow the GUOs around or put amongst the Nurgling bases like a protective guard dog for them. I could even use it as a Plaguebearer in a pinch.

It took longer to paint than you’d expect. Mostly in my dithering around on the shell colours and patterns. In the end what I settled for isn’t perfect, but it works and is good enough.

Here’s a size comparison shot with a Plaguebearer, so as you can see, Sammy makes for a pretty large familiar.

16 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #13: Sammy the Snail

  1. I’m loving that little (or rather big, good idea putting the skulls for comparison) fellow. The yellowish green colours on the body are particularly well done. We have hordes of these in our garden right now, so I should know.

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    • Yeah, without the skulls it looked much more like an out-of-scale snail model, especially during the primed phase, so I stuck them on. It’s a little more yellow and green than the grey ones we have around here, but I wanted to give it the good old Nurgle Feel. 🙂

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  2. Interesting, I think I would have tried painting him in some sort of evil colors, and then not pulled it off, and stripped the paint off again and again. But the model makes perfect sense next to your Nurgle team, color wise. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about the game to make any useful suggestions for using Sammy. Guard dog is likely a good idea. Maybe as a Communications piece, if combined with telepathy? A Nurgle diplomat that needs to be escorted (“Move FASTER!”)? I’m sure there are lots of possibilities, but at any rate you have another superbly painted mini! 🙂

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  3. Remarkable painting; it looks uncannily lifelike. I hope she has a long and distinguished career on your tabletop in whatever form you choose to use her.

    I think that combat snails are now an actual Nurgle thing in GW so she’ll fit right in.

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    • Thanks! I wanted it to look naturalistic (if a little brighter than one from the garden) and just let the size be the main source of weirdness. Yeah, I have the big one from the boxed set (grabbed two Blightwar boxes), so that’ll be another one to combine with these down the line.


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