A little shopping trip…

So with a public holiday yesterday, Marouda and I went out and saw Deadpool 2, which was fun. (Probably the funniest online review can be found here. 6min video. Beware, spoilers.)

Anyway, after that, we stopped in BigW, which is one of those discount department stores like Kmart or Target. While we were in there, we checked out the toy section. The $10 Star Wars Hot Wheels ship above is probably a tiny bit small for the actual Resistance Bomber in X-Wing, but Im sure we can use it as a proxy, or as a shuttle instead of the little card token, or even as a damaged ship “terrain” to replace an asteroid.

I also recently ordered Gaslands (should be here …soon!) and I wanted to look at the toy cars.

So we got these:

The above were all $2 each. (Yeah, we got 2 of the armoured cars.)

This triple pack was $6.50.

These Jurassic Park Armoured Cars were $4.00 each. $2.00 for the cars, and $2.00 for the licenced IP, I guess.

I also saw these Hot Wheels tracks there.

Which reminded me that I recently saw (what I think are) these very products in use as walkways on someone’s Necromunda table. I believe it was on someone’s blog, actually. As you can see, the size works for both 32mm and 25mm bases. They’re made from pretty soft/bendy PVC, though, so I’ll need to be careful with them.

So at $4 each… I picked up 5 sets. $20 for all the extra walkways I should ever need. With this many I can easily chop and shorten as many as I want to. Perhaps I can even glue a little circular bit onto some of my terrain to notch the walkways onto. Now I just need to find which locally-available (spray) paints will properly adhere to this soft and bendy PVC…

All in all, more of a preview post than anything else, but what (should be?) a Gaslands force each for Marouda and myself for $20.50, plus something for X-Wing and some Necro-scenery. Not too shabby.

17 thoughts on “A little shopping trip…

  1. Cool – toy shoping rocks 🙂 Is it worth using some 2 part epoxy to bond some kind of brace to the bottom of those walkways? Just a thought… I know how flimsy that stuff can be :-/

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    • Could be. The other option might be something like Mr.Surfacer primer. I might have a look at some of the RC car forums/places online or call a local model-not-wargaming store to ask for some advice.

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    • It’ll probably take a bit of time, as I’ll at least want to have the rules arrive and flick through them first – but I imagine they shouldn’t take too long to paint up.


  2. Lots of great finds there!

    Krylon Fusion ought to do the trick as a primer for those tracks, and you could probably get some sort of I beam plastic to glue to the bottom if you wanted to make them stronger/tech them up a bit.

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    • I found a local source of Krylon (via the post, but still…) I have some Rustoleum cans here that supposedly bond to plastic, so I might trial one of those. They take forever to cure, though, so that’s less exciting…
      Definitely going to figure out some sort of support first, though.


    • I have at least one can of Duramax here, though I’m concerned about their description of “Bonds to wood, metal and *most* plastic” while both Krylon and Rustoleum sell their plastic adhesion very hard. I’ll probably trial it when we get some spraying weather, even though it’s the “wrong” colour. This stuff being super-soft and bendy PVC on those tracks (you should grab some as well for $4 a pack – post up what you think!)

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