Star Wars Imperial Assault: AT-DP (Mechanical November ’18)

Star Wars Imperial Assault: AT-DP

Today we have my first piece for Mechanical November. It’s a walker from the Star Wars Imperial Assault game, specifically from the Heart of the Empire expansion. Now, Heart of the Empire is set on Coruscant, which is depicted pretty much a hive-planet, or like a Mega-City from Judge Dredd meaning wilderness is probably not all that common, but I decided to keep it consistent with the AT-ST I painted a little while ago, which was painted in an Endor-ish-friendly worn scheme.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: AT-DP

The AT-DP is originally a Star Wars: Rebels creation. AT-DP apparently stands for “All Terrain Defence Pod”, in case you were wondering (I was, had to look it up!) Looking at the illustration above, you can see how the model makers have completely excised the middle section of the legs, resulting in a much shorter model than we would otherwise have had. Even so, it’s significantly taller than the AT-ST model (I’ll get some comparison pics up soon!)

Star Wars Imperial Assault: AT-DP

The level of detail on the model is quite variable, as you can see. The “head” and “hips” having a nice amount on them, as well as the sides of the legs, but then the various knee joints on the walkers completely lack any feasible mechanical way to pivot. Still, it’s a nice enough model if you don’t notice them. Problem is that it can be hard to “unsee”. And now I’ve pointed them out! :p The “head” was originally stuck in place, but buy clipping off the little knob there, the “head” now can turn freely. Okay. freely for about 20 degrees tops. But it’s something, I guess?

Star Wars Imperial Assault: AT-DP

While I haven’t got a photo of it alongside the AT-ST yet, here it is next to some infantry-type foot models.

I started this thing a few months ago now. Not quite long enough ago for it to have the 6 months to qualify as a “Neglected Model”, but long enough. Probably around August, shortly after finishing the initial AT-ST. I had planned to finish this for Dreadtober, but instead I managed to not finish anything, nor even paint a drop on anything for that particular hobby challenge. So now with the beginning of November, I forced myself to finish this bloody thing. So now it’s done.

25 thoughts on “Star Wars Imperial Assault: AT-DP (Mechanical November ’18)

  1. Fantastic work on your AT-DP , I’ve just started mine in hopes of getting it finished for your vehicle challenge this month, I would like to get all three of my walkers done this month but I’ll set the target of this one and see how I go ! LOL

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    • Best of luck getting it done, Dave. My own plans for mechanical domination have found themselves more than a little wanting with various events over the month, and this weekend, which was supposed to be relaxing and getting work done has instead become a real mess, topped off with some emergency home DIY taking up my entire day today. Fucking shoot me now.


  2. Very nice! I’ve always liked those walkers (same with the sentinels from 40k) – as far as I know they’re hugely impractical but they look awesome. I reckon the colour scheme you’ve used would work nicely in a hive city, it’s suitably industrial looking.

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  3. Wicked, really nice. Already churning out the vehicles… I still have to base mine, then I can already feel the frantic dash to the finish at the end of the month.

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  4. I have to say, I kind of like it better with the re-scaled legs than in the concept art. It’s bordering on too tall and gangly as it is. Paint job looks good, brings out all the detail nicely.

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    • Oh, almost forgot: Thank you for including the definition for the abbreviated name. I had never heard of these before.

      Also, it sorta reminds me of a Locust from BattleTech.

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    • I see what you mean, though the model feels like it has a slightly oversized head, given the new proportions. No probs with the name designation. I had to look it up myself.
      It *is* a bit locust-y, isn’t it?


    • Star Wars Rebels is a cartoon series that ran for 5 seasons, it was set before Star Wars episode IV a New Hope. It’s focus was on the crew of the Ghost and their part in the rebellion. It also had characters that appeared in the Clone Wars cartoon series make an appearance as well. Fantasy Flight games have released a lot of the models now to compliment this series in Imperial Assault

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    • Thanks Pete for the compliment – and Dave for the explanation! I think it was on Netflix, but it’s now been removed due to Disney, so I only managed to get through a few episodes since I’m terribad at watching TV shows lately…


  5. Oh, that’s pretty sweet that the concept art pic includes a color swatch. If I was painting a bunch of Star Wars stuff, I’d be pretty pleased at that find!

    Great looking paints on the model, man. I sure wish I had your skill. Yea, you’ll brush it off (BRUSH it off?! Get it?! Dad joke!), but if I dry brush and wash something, it never turns out half as good as the stuff you do.

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