Star Wars Imperial Assault: AT-ST (Jewel of July)

A few days ago, Pandora’s Bitz Box painted up an AT-ST. Deciding immediately to rip him off, I quickly cleaned, assembled, sprayed and painted my own AT-ST.

Well, that’s not entirely true. In fact, it’s a load of bollocks. I cleaned up the sculpt over a couple of weeks at work during my breaks, assembled it a week or so ago. Attempted to murder my gaming group via poison gas (so I’m told) 2 weeks ago by spraying it in the yard while they were in The War Room, setting up an IA game, and then painted it over the course of the following 2 weeks, forcing myself to complete it last Saturday morning. With both Marouda’s model as well as my own for Morikun’s contest needing to go up before the end of July, and my own challenge being about completion rather than posting (and a rather well-received rant, inspired by IRO), the AT-ST got bumped – and then Pandora’s AT-ST appeared!

As with a lot of the Star Wars stuff I’ve been painting recently, I looked over Sorastro’s YouTube guide for ideas before getting fully stuck in. I’ve never met or interacted with the man, but he’s a talented painter and an amazing resource for anyone planning to paint Imperial Assault, or any of several other board games’ figures.

I kept my walker a bit lighter and not as heavily weathered as Sorastro, but there’s still a fair bit of weathering, muck and grime across the model, with more concentrated on the feet, legs and undercarriage as well as the back and underside of the “head”.

Now that I’ve finished this one, I need to paint up the General Weiss AT-ST, which I just finished cleaning at work a couple of days ago (somehow, I missed one of the legs!) And then get started on the AT-DP from Heart of the Empire..

As I haven’t yet started on a single Stormtrooper at this stage (WOTC Prepaints are doing the job nicely while I work through other models), it’s left to the Emperor’s Royal Guard to provide scale and ground-level security to the Empire’s Light Walker. I should paint some Adeptus Custodes next to a Sentinel and have them do a face-off!

40 thoughts on “Star Wars Imperial Assault: AT-ST (Jewel of July)

  1. Gaah!! I knew this would happen! You’re a lot better than i am at this. Im still pleased with mine but i like yours more! Its so clean!… And dirty… You’ve done the dirt so cleanly?… Whatever. Ace weathering on this, have you ever done any tutorials on the blog incould look for? Lovely model.

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    • Don’t put yours down, mate – it looks bloody good in my opinion – I think Alexis described it well as mine has seen action, while yours has seen much more action and is a lot more weathered.
      This was actually the first time I’d painted anything quite like this, and so Sorastro’s YouTube tute gave me a lot of pointers, so I just used what looked right for me and skipped what didn’t – but it was very valuable regardless. I’d check his out for any of the Imperial Assault stuff – as that’s what I’m doing – watching his videos as my base, then diverging from them as it fits my own aesthetic.
      The only tutorial I’ve done here is the one on “warm bone” skeletons. It’s remained a really popular post, and so I’ve been meaning to do some more in the same vein – the difficulty I guess has been in deciding what so use as the topic?
      I’ve got some Uruk-Hai Berserkers I intend to use at some stage.. maybe some Wargs since I also need to paint a bunch of those soon?


      • If your doing wargs then hair could be a good one? I dont know, i guess you have to recognise your strengths if ypu do a tutorial. I get by painting but im not that confident about it then i have people say all these nice things and i think… Should i offer insight into how i do something? Will people think i have an overly high opinion of myself?

        Trouble is my social hobby presense has onltly existed since may so i dont really have the affirmation i think maybe im waiting for.

        I dont want to sell myself short. Im really proud of the stuff ive painted this year. Its a lot better than i ever would have expected to do and thats largely thanks to the posative and constructove feedback ive had from yourself and others who have shown an interest. It means ive been pushing myself more in technique and goals. I like my AT-ST, i guess its just different then. Maybe its a case of the grass is always greener, so ill always think someone elses efforts or style is somehow better tham mine!

        Ill be sure to check out Sorestro’s videos. Krakendoomcool has also lent me the imperial armour masterclass books to nose through for vehicles. Warbringer actually askede to do a tutorial on basing because he liked how i did my Ad Mech robots. Maybe when ive done andew more things ill post them up and see if theres enough of an interest. I think tutorials are one of the most positive aspects of social hobbying. People taking time out of theor lives to provide free details advice in order to help someone else improve. Its very cool.

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      • Yeah, it’d be “here’s how I painted these wargs” rather than specifcally the fur or anything like that. The skin obviously being the main focus on Uruk-Hai Berserkers. With Pelennor being about to release, it’d probably be worth doing both of those.
        You’re very often going to see other people’s stuff and think it looks better than yours or you like the way they did this thing or that thing to the way you did it because we’re always much more critical of our own work, and we can seen the flaws in our own work much more clearly than others (usually) can. It’s just the nature of the beast.
        Tutorials are pretty cool, but they can take quite a lot of time and effort to do. I’d do more myself if I remembered, though I’m usually working on a dozen or more projects at once rather than a single model, not to mention just getting in my painting time when I can. Larger tracts of time seem to get used more and more for blogging (reading, writing, commenting, replying.. and of course, catching up!) so then I’m under more pressure to get stuff painted and finished…
        The G1 Tournament isn’t helping there, but then, it was getting thos way long before the G1 started…


  2. Awesome job mate – I absolutely love these walkers, and you’ve done a great job bringing it to life. Just make sure you don’t have any swinging logs around the place! 😉

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      • A long, long, time ago, in a galaxy far away (actually the late 70s, just after Star Wars had hit us), I converted Airfix Romans into Imperial Stormtroops, painted ’em white and black and built, out of cardboard, four AT-ATs, by far the biggest wargames vehicles I’ve ever built! I gave ’em away in about 1994 to someone that really loved Star Wars! They might even be kicking round somewhere still! I love the Star Wars universe (maybe not so much some of the films) but I can’t see me taking on another project!

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  3. Ace job, really like the dirty white and the weathering is on point. Gotta crack open my weathering stuff at some point. Damn though, The Empire are just cool. Wish the new movies would show a bit more of the ‘we bring order to the galaxy’. I always liked the background narrative that though the Empire are a dictatorship, they brought enforced peace and stability. Makes them feel more relatable, even if they are still the bad guys. I digress. Great job bud 😉

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    • Thanks! 🙂 I agree on a better look at the Empire. Solo gave just the smallest hint of it on Corellia and the war-planet, but it’s an interesting aspect that I don’t think we’ll ever see explored in films at this rate.

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      • The First Order definitely seem far more ‘crush the people’, as opposed to ‘rule them’. Solo was the most disappointing for me out of the new films so far. A prequel with such a noteworthy character was always going to be tough though. I must admit, Rogue One was probably my favourite of the new ones so far. How about you?

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      • I didn’t go in on release day, heard that it was very disappointing and then went in with *super low* expectations. Suitably armed, I managed to enjoy the movie – my review being “It’s okay!” (with the context of those super low expectations.) It was far from the nonsensical clusterfuck of The Last Jedi, at least.
        Agreed on Rogue One. For me it’s also easily better than the prequels, the sequels, and in *some ways* better than Jedi. For me it actually enhanced the OT as it tied them together with various visual elements that we’d see in a more disjointed form as the OT developed (like, many different rebel helmets in the one film) – lots more besides that.

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      • Forearmed with low expectations really is the way to see Solo. My main gripe was with Solo himself, he just seemed to be too much of a good guy. It would have been cool to see Solo making the wrong decisions and not being the hero in his misspent youth.
        I really liked that Rogue One didn’t have the ‘happy’ end. Getting the plans was just horrific and they fought for the war, not the battle.
        Out of curiosity, is Imperial Assault a good games system? I’m just on mobile at the mo, if you have a review feel free to link me ‘n’ I’ll take a gander. Cheers bud.


  4. Always liked these things, since I first saw Return of the Jedi. Nice work with it, hits the right vibe of “has seen action”, between the extremes of “fresh off the factory floor” and “completely beat to hell”. I might have to pick up a couple of the General Weiss Enemy Packs if I run across them. US$20 for an alternate Armoured Sentinel ain’t bad.

    Speaking of which, I’d definitely like to see that showdown between this lot and a Sentinel plus some Custodes!

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    • Thanks, Alexis. They’re pretty oversized for a Sentnel, but I think you’ve managed to sell me on picking up another one of the Weiss packs regardless…
      And I’ll remember the idea once I get some Custodes and a sentinel completed! 😉


  5. Nice job, I had a good laugh at your ‘rush to copy PB’s AT-ST’. I think both are quite excellent. I think you nailed the original colors quite well, but I also really liked PB’s blue tint. Great job.

    Last time you mentioned Sorasto working on Star Wars stuff, I looked to see if he had done Boba Fett, because I’m doing something similar with the Van Saar. I couldn’t find him, but he has a lot of videos. I need to spend some time going through them someday, but the amount of videos is a bit daunting. His techniques also seem a little more involved than some of what I do, but he is definitely a painter to follow.

    Always nice to see what Star Wars stuff you’re getting finished. Keep up the awesome work man. 🙂

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  7. Looking good. As Mark said, I like the sublime weathering. I am working on and off on mine (still need to decided on the basing) for Legion. I is amazing how different these two models are even though they both come from FFG.

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    • Late reply, I know – just going through and trying to find things I missed this morning!
      I really like the look of the Legion one. Even though I have no specific use for it as I have no intention of starting another new system, – especially one that has gone out of its own way to be slightly out of scale with its own company’s models – I may pick it up as a painting project one day. Like I need more of those…


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