Citadel Dwarf Troll Slayer Command II (Colin Dixon, 1998) (Jewel of July ’19)

Citadel Dwarf Slayer Command, 1998

Today’s post features the first Dwarves I’ve completed in quite some time. It is in fact a pair of models I’ve painted/completed before, pretty much two full years ago. There’s not all that much to write about them, really. There were a bunch of Dwarven Slayers sitting on that one spot on my painting desk, that I’d occasionally look at and think about working on, but it took a concerted mental effort to pick them up properly and just get them done.

Citadel Dwarf Slayer Command, 1998

There are a few more that got completed as well, to be shown in the next few days – you’ll hopefully understand why I’m using seperate posts when I show them, though sadly there are still more metal Slayers to go yet. As with the previously painted-and-shown pair, I tarted up the standard not with a banner, but with a slightly modified Dwarven Standard top. I think it does make the base model look a lot better with that extra bit of bling, though.

18 thoughts on “Citadel Dwarf Troll Slayer Command II (Colin Dixon, 1998) (Jewel of July ’19)

    • Yeah, the pole is an awkward shape and I’d have only ended up with a dinky looking banner below it. This was the main reason it took so long to get these painted (including the first ones linked – WAY after the bulk of my other Slayers…)

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  1. These sculpts I remember well and very fondly! I really miss when Warhammer was focused on more traditional fantasy as that is why I fell in love with it. These minis have great character and you did a nice job painting parts like the hair which is trickier than it looks! You have to love that battle standard too. It has a lot of character and is one of the better ones I’ve seen/can remember from that era. Excellent work, mate! 🙂

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    • Thanks Kuribo! I haven’t played a lot of AoS now, but the way I’ve always viewed it is that I can shoehorn the new stuff into the WHFB world in my own version of head-canon, and still use all of these old models in AoS with the legacy stats – and of course in Kings of War when I want to play Rank & Flank.
      I’m looking forward to finishing the metal slayers so I can start on the plastic ones (Avatars of War) as well as my take on my first few Fyreslayers… 😀

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      • That seems like a great plan! If you ever want a different take (but still true to the spirit of GW), you can’t go wrong with Scibor’s dwarves either. They’re pretty cheap but not bad quality at the same time. I’m looking forward to seeing more dwarves in the future! 🙂

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      • Yeah, there are a few nice Dwarf makers out there. I’ve got a bunch of Russian Alternative models as well, they’re quite nice, as well as Avatars of War, Reaper… hm. I have rather a lot of unpainted dorfs!


  2. Terrific painting as always, and a really iconic unit.

    I find the idea of a trumpeter and standard bearer in a unit of Trollslayers pretty funny though. I suppose that these are the dwarfs who thought that fighting huge terrifying monsters with only a beard to cover one’s modesty wasn’t hard enough, and decided that they would add to the challenge by carrying a load of unnecessary extra stuff around with them, playing a jaunty tune, etc.

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