D&D Monster Manual 43/Small Scenics: Tomb of Annihilation – Stone Juggernaut

Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation - Stone Juggernaut

Today’s model is another one from August, and one that fits both my long-running D&D series as well as  Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge! In Dave’s words: “I think we should also include vehicles as this can be used as strategic scenery pieces as well..” And well, I guess this thing is technically a construct – though according to the D&D Wiki I checked some of these things can basically take a couple o f passengers and effectively be driven around, so…. but it’s absolutely the kind of model that will fit in nicely as a bit of static terrain on a fantasy board.

Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation - Stone Juggernaut

Almost every pic of these things I’ve seen online show them as being a pretty rich green. Descriptions on the other hand describe them as stone. Now, I know that greenstone (jade) is a thing, but instead I went with brownish grey stone and added some greens and ochres to repsentend mold and moss, as well as a few shades of brown on the roller wheels to represent dirt and mud (and yeah, I need to go back and add a tiny bit to the front). No green on the sections that would touch the ground though, because you know what they say about A Rolling Stone

Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation - Stone Juggernaut

I’ve added in my little collection of reptilian humanoids here for the scale shot, because fantasy games have given us such a strong association between reptilians and vaguely-South American histoirical cultures… There’s also a sneak peek model here that’ll have his moment once I get these models for Dave’s Challenge up and posted!

2 more terrain posts of stuff finished in August, then the Scenery Wrap-up on the weekend…

20 thoughts on “D&D Monster Manual 43/Small Scenics: Tomb of Annihilation – Stone Juggernaut

    • Honestly, it works for me – outside of the few times this thing makes an appearance when we get to that boardgame (probably 2-4 times in total) it’s not going to be used for anything – so scenery will actually give it a lot more potential life on the tabletop!

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  1. You got the weathering of that stone perfected!
    I get it more as scenery, really… On first look I thought it was a cool trap contraption “a la Indiana Jones” but in cylinder shape. My brain took a long time to process the “car” shape… But if pulled by something the size of a sauropod, it could work, I guess… Hard not to think on the Flintstones!

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  2. As others have said – great weathering. The stone/dirt/moss effect looks great. It’s a really nice ‘mini’ that would be great as a scenery piece. I really like the detail of that south american style carving on it.

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  3. What a wonderfully, weird sculpt/idea. It looks awesome and the way you weathered it/dirtied it up is spot on. This looks like something I could see a Skink riding on top of 🙂 I think you’ve outdone yourself on this one, mate!

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