Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge – Personal Wrap-Up

So there’s been quite a few posts over the last two months showing the individual models I painted as part of Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge. I started getting everything out to take some pictures of, but then rather than in my normal “showcase” kind of setup, I started to lay everything out on the game mat, more like the way we’d lay out the terrain for an actual game. Pretty much because I needed to figure out how to have all of that fantasy tavern/blacksmith/trap/type stuff in the same pictures as so much industrial and post-apoc/sci-fi terrain.

While the challenge started off as a good bit of motivation to get some scenery painted, we also had some shit go down in July, which made it hard to concentrate on something like my own Jewel of July painting challenge, but I did still want to paint, and so Dave’s challenge really came into it’s own as a way to keep my hand in, as good looking tabletop scenery follows a slightly different set of rules to models – so the rougher look of weathered terrain was the perfect thing for me to work on.

Looking at these pics, the little campsite worked out a bit better than I thought, but by the same token I feel like I need a hell of a lot more of those pipes!

Aside from all of these pieces that got finished during the challenge period, I also got a few other medium-to-large pieces started, and so the tail of this challenge should go on to bear fruit for several more weeks at least as I finish off the extra projects.

So in the end, Dave’s Terrain challenge helped motivate me enough to basically complete enough terrain to run a small game on in just two months. Even better, most of these pieces had been sititng around for a minimum of a year, and in quite a few cases, more than a decade.

I’m certainly looking forward to the next one of these!

12 thoughts on “Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge – Personal Wrap-Up

  1. The round up pictures look excellent mate, it’s really impressive you got a gaming boards worth of scenery painted in the time, I’ve already had a lot of comments from others on not just the amount you got done but the quality of the work you did.
    So glad the challenge was useful to you as your challenges have helped me clear long abandoned projects over the years !

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  2. Really awesome collection of terrain there and it works together pretty well to my eyes too 🙂 I really like the mat or whatever you put the terrain on. It has a cool and unique look. Regardless of the circumstances that led you to focus on terrain, the quality and output are both something to be proud of!


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