Reaper 03048: Sir William, Peace Maker (Bobby Jackson)

Reaper 03048: Sir William, Peace Maker (Bobby Jackson)

Another pair of D&D-oriented models today – We first have Sir William, Peace Maker from Bobby Jackson via Reaper Miniatures. I picked up this model as a “high(er) level” version of an RPG character, which never actually got used, so it basically got sidelined for years, completely unpainted.

Reaper 03048: Sir William, Peace Maker (Bobby Jackson)

With us playing the D&D boardgames recently, I thought I’d pull this guy out of limbo and paint him up. Given that he’s almost entirely armoured in plate, it was a pretty straightforward job, though I did attempt to try and make it more complex that it needed to be using a chrome spray paint to base coat, and then finding out that Nuln Oil Gloss didn’t work out out on it quite as well as I’d hoped. A bit of blue ink mixed with metallic blue for the shading to give it that “paladinesque” blue steel look, and Vallejo Model Air Chrome to save where the washes messed up the brightness of the spray.

Reaper 03048: Sir William, Peace Maker (Bobby Jackson)

A bit of gold on the armour details and weapon guard, bright browns for his leather, and blue and white for the cloth, again because paladin. I’m not sure, but I think I may have another one (or even two?) of this model somewhere, so I’ll have to decide whether to paint it/them in a similar way as a unit, or go entirely different with something like gold/bronze/steel armour. Anyway, this guy was kept bright and clean, as befits a righteous paladin.

As a small bonus, I’m also including this model that I also finished around the same time – this model was actually supposed to be the same character (which was originally a fighter, I think?), though in “Level 1” form. As already noted, that particular RPG campaign is long lost to time, and this model – constructed from what was originally the Mordheim sprues (later known as Imperial Militia – I think) was close but not quite completed. The sword was taken and cut down from a Dark Elf blade, as it’s supposed to represent a falchion rather than a greatsword or a 2-handed broadsword.

Obviously, this model represents when the characters first started off, without a whole lot of money for items like plate. So now both are done, and while not being used right now – it’s two more models into my generic fantasy stable, ready for any kind of appropriate tabletop action as needed.

23 thoughts on “Reaper 03048: Sir William, Peace Maker (Bobby Jackson)

  1. Always wondered how vallejo-air chrome-color would look on plate instead of a plane for example. Apart from the armor, I really like how his expression came out. Wearing a greatsword even as Lvl1, you know the character was destined for greatness. 😀

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    • The model Air metallic paints are my go-to for metals (with just a couple of exceptions). I was worried about his face initially, as the silver-sprayed one wasn’t inspirinbg confidence so good to hear that I “got it back”.


      • They are really great, and I only use them with a brush. But I’ve only used the darker tones yet and was thinking about getting myself the brighter-ones for highlighting.
        He at least looks like he’s trying very hard at what he does, so you can clearly make out a trait worthy of knight-paladin, and it just fits the dynmamic pose very well.

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      • The copper isn’t really a good copper colour, but the paints themselves are excellent. I use Aluminum (not chrome, sorry – the spray was chrome) as my top coat, but I imagine Chrome would be just as good. I also get a lot of use out of black metal and …whatever the browny one is called (the name has worn off). Gold is also good for whitish-gold highlights.


    • I find the exact spray makes a hige difference. This chrome is quite glossy, while an old (discontinued, *sob*) “silver” I had went on like perfect iron and completely over-paintable. The metal you’re seeing on all of the industrial stuff lately is also a custom spray from the local paint place (they mix ’em up for you, but you can get them in spray cans instead of just in little pots). Their stuff goes on perfectly, and paint goes over it perfectly, too.

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  2. Both models are great and I appreciate the thought put into them. The leveled up knight has a timeless feel to it and is a fun model. I agree with TIM above that the armor has some nice shade applied to it and the blue fits a paladin very well 🙂

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    • Thanks mate – honestly I’m just happy to have finished the pair of them and gotten them out of the way. I’ve got a couple more models to finish to have that original D&D party worth of models completed, so I’ll get the group shot of them once the last are done!

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