Zombicide “Elsa” (Not-Black Widow) and “Uncle Honk”

Zombicide "Elsa" (Not-Black Widow) and "Uncle Honk"

After completing the Last Night on Earth box worth of models, I really wanted to keep that momentum going, so I went into my tubs of models that had been started-but-not-finished, and found this pair/foursome of Zombicide figures and got to work on them.

Zombicide "Elsa" (Not-Black Widow)

“Elsa”, who appears to be pretty much a Not-Black Widow was primed black and had some grey on her bodysuit(s). I went back down to the black and then started again, this time using Citadel Incubi Darkness for my highlight colour, achieving a nice blue-black look to the bodysuits.

Bright red for the hair, and I kinda went for a comic book kind of shadow-highlight on the front of the living version’s bangs – though without going to full black as you’d see in a comic. But a bright, bright comic-book red for her hair.

Zombicide "Elsa" (Not-Black Widow)

These sculpts are from a few years ago now (2014-15), and they do make me wonder if CMoN would do something similar now. I mean, they may well have done so with ZC:2e, as I admit I didn’t pay too much attention to the campaign or their updates. The two figures do keep making me think of that old Simpsons episode where Bart disguises himself as an adult to buy a ticket for an R-rated movie and the cracked-voice teenager who works in all Simsons retail says “enjoy Boob-A-Rama, sir!”

Zombicide Uncle Honk

The second pair are of a Clown, from the Kevin Walker guest artist pack – Uncle Honk. I dunno if Uncle Honk is based on any clown in particular, though I did somewhat mimic the official card artwork for his costume, I went with more red than dull orange on his pom-poms, and thinking very little of the “official” clown makeup design, I had a look and think of other options. Now I wanted to avoid the whole “Evil/Killer Clown” thing for the most part, since Honk is a survivor and player character, so nominally-at-least, he’s a “good guy”.

So that meant no Pennywise V1 or V2, John Wayne Gacy, or even ICP. Krusty seemed too on the nose, and so I went with some more generic markings that worked alright on the face’s tiny details. (And I only thought of Doink after I’d finished the model!)

Zombicide Uncle Honk

Paintign those stripes was not an enormous amount of fun, but I’m happy with all both pairs of these two characters – and now there’s a couple more Zombies and Survivors ready for any Zombie-Pulp gaming.

40 thoughts on “Zombicide “Elsa” (Not-Black Widow) and “Uncle Honk”

  1. Excellent work on all four, a out of shape Doink would have been awesome !
    The card artwork seems to have used one of Gacy’s face paints but other elements are from all over the place, just as well, as who would want to immortalise a serial killer in model form

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    • Yeah, I could possibly see it for a villain in a “fuck that guy – unload both barrels of the shotgun” way in the same way we’ve all killed Hitler a pile of times now (none better than the “nutshot” in Sniper Elite III) but even then it still feels different, and who needs that reminder when playing a fun tabletop game.

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  2. Nice work! I like how the game has Zombie and normal versions of them, must make them pretty fun to paint!

    The woman also reminds me of Molotov Cocktease’s costume from Venture Bros. Which I’m sure is based off a million other female spies as well.

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    • Painting them alongside can be a fair bit of fun – especially when you’re working out how to “fuck up” the zombie versions of the chatacters and how far to take it with the paint.
      I hadn’t seen/heard of that character before, but having just GISed her, I can see it there right alongside Widow. Don’t you hate it when your zippers break!

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  3. Elsa is one of my favourite Zombicide figures, I even converted my own a few years back from a Copplestone sculpt (I too tight to pay out for a proper one!

    Lovely work on her (well both of them) though, very true to the original artwork.

    Cheers Roger.

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    • Arrrgh lost my stupid reply first time!
      Thanks for that – they’re not perfect but it turns out that the sculptor didn’t quite need to (or to be fair – would have been able to) keep the proportions exactly the same all around on both versions, so it does get thrown out at one point on the undead version, but it worked out mostly-well, so I’m happy with that!

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      • It seems to be doing that a lot lately (loosing replies). I’ve had it happen dozens of times, and once it starts the only thing that seems to fix it is closing the browser and reopening. Glad to hear it’s not at my end though, it’s still a faff but at least now I can leave it so someone at WordPress can fix it (if they get around to it).

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    • Well, not *actual* bad guys in the mould of Gacy or Pennywise, but they have the whole “evil clown” persona going – that and the B&W greasepaint made them less suitable for painting mimicry than almost-Doink here.
      I’m sure they’ll make an appearance of sorts on some of my future miniatures down the line. Whether it be on a pair of Harlequins or elsewhere (or both!)

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  4. These are both fun sculpts and you did a great job painting them 🙂 I don’t get the clown character either but maybe there’s something comedic about zombies being killed by a somewhat overweight clown?

    I could be incorrect but I believe that CMON is doing “celebrity knockoff” sculpts for the new version of Zombicide. I want to say either The Rock or John Cena was getting a sculpt just to keep the wrestling theme going! It does seem like it’d be fun to paint a knock off version of celebrities for a game like Zombicide. I may have to see if that new version finally gets me to take the plunge and buy a copy of the game 🙂

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    • Thanks mate – no idea why a guest artist would create that particular character, but there we are. I went all-in on ZC2, though I did basically ignore the entire campaign so I didn’t know they’d put them in. I went and had a look, and yep, Cena is in there in a contorted and twisted form weilding a chainsaw, as is Dwayne as well. I also spotted The Undertaker in “Biker-taker” form as a third wrestler. I guess I know three of the first models I’ll be painting up – thanks for the heads-up!

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      • That actually makes more sense knowing that it was a guest artist creation. They probably have a fair bit of freedom to do as they wish. I’ll be excited to see you paint those three when you get around to them 🙂 Make Vince McMahon proud! 😉

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      • You had me until that last sentence! With the treatment of talent through the years but especially in 2020, it’s well past time for VKM to move on. One way or the other…


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