Small Scenics: 40k “Hero Base” Objective Marker

40k "Hero Base" Objective Marker

Another quickie. As with the end of last month, I’m firing off lots of smaller posts rather than one mega-post because:

  1. I prefer smaller posts that can be quickly written, read, etc rather than creating novellas.
  2. More importantly, it makes it much easier for me to locate stuff and reference things in the future.

40k "Hero Base" Objective Marker

So anyway, Games Workshop proiduce a pair of kits with rather bombastic hero bases for their 40k and Age of Sigmar games. I’m not super keen on bases that place a model in too much of a particular spot. I prefer “anytime anywhere” bases rather than “specific moment captured in time” bases, and so this destroyed Leman Russ turret doesn’t really work well for me as a model base, but luckily it does work well for me as an Objective Marker. So that’s what I did with this one. That’s also why I’ve left it sans markings, to keep it a more generic piece rather than attached to any specific army. I really need to get my Imperial Guard models out to the War Room, and maybe even post them up here as an army when I get some time. Maybe I’ll have time to do that over the summer break, because I sure as fuck won’t be going to the beach this year!

8 thoughts on “Small Scenics: 40k “Hero Base” Objective Marker

  1. I used to have a similar fee about bases that are too over the top and you couldn’t imagine being a point in time.

    Although I’ve grown to appreciate them over time and I’ve been trying to get to a middle ground of something very cool and still conveying that point of time too.

    Kee up the good work

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  2. Love it, both the shorter, bite-sized post format *and* this nifty objective marker. I share your stance on very ornate & highly specific scenic bases. There’s a balance between narrative and playable.

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  3. I think this is a creative use of the base and it looks great as well! While I don’t mind the really scenic bases that GW is making these days, I can see where you’re coming from at the same time. One side effect of these bases is that they do make it hard to keep things unique with characters in your army and I’m not too keen about that.


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