Last Night on Earth 10th Anniversary Edition: “Old Betsy”

Last Night on Earth 10th Anniversary Edition: "Old Betsy"

My first completed model of 2021 is this delapidated old truck, known as “Old Betsy”. It’s one of the additional models over and beyond the basics that are exclusive to the 10th Anniversary Edition of LNoE, which I picked up late last year before passing my old copy of the base game to a friend. Now if only the cat hadn’t pissed on the 10th Anv. rulebook and a couple of expansion pack-in rule slips while I had them out for painting reference… (FUCK!)

Last Night on Earth 10th Anniversary Edition: "Old Betsy"

I had a bit of fun with this one, going to town with several methods of weathering to show flaked paint, old rust, dings and dents, dust and some dried mud and dirt where appropriate.

Last Night on Earth 10th Anniversary Edition: "Old Betsy"

As with the horde or Zombies I finally completed recently, Old Betsy can be used in a variety of games outside of LNoE. We recently played through the entire campaign of Zombicide Night of the Living Dead, and we used Old Betsy throughout in preference to the cardboard car chit in almost all of the scenarios (excepting the time or two we drove around like maniac Mad Max War Boys knocking over the Zombies – needing the placement spots on the car!)

Last Night on Earth 10th Anniversary Edition: "Old Betsy"

Obviously, aside from various Zombie-themed board games, Betsy can also work in any modern game, other zombie games and also quite a few post-apoc ones as well. It might even work in a game like Fallout with it’s retro stylings! As my first model of 2021 it is my submission to Ann’s First of the Year Painting Challenge – as well as falling in the window for Dave’s Paint What You Got Challenge.

Last Night on Earth 10th Anniversary Edition: "Old Betsy"

We’ll conclude with a scale shot, showing Sherriff Anderson, Billy and Jake next to Betsy, about to be swarmed by a horde of the living dead….

43 thoughts on “Last Night on Earth 10th Anniversary Edition: “Old Betsy”

    • We recently got him a couple of cat “stress” beds, which we have nicknamed “donuts” because of their shape. They appear to have actually worked well for him, as he spends a lot of extra time sleeping in them contentedly that he would normally have spent being annoying and needy. Credit to Marouda for the teal-blue. I probably would have just done it red, and then the old-rusty look would have barely been visible.

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    • Well, I can’t have ALL of my models outside!
      Urinary incidents like that are thankfully reasonably rare – usually a response to stress or an unchanged litter tray. Not sure what it was in this case, and I had the books on top of a container on the floor instead of on a table or desk, so that probably didn’t help either.

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    • Thanks. It was a bit difficult to figure out how to do the windscreen for all of the obvious reasons. I basically had a look at how other people have painted cars and trucks and such for gaming and took a gamble. It’s not perfect but it looks decent, and that’s about as much as I could hope for on this type of model. 🙂

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    • Thanks mate! The way I went about it was to find a few photos via google and then try to emulate the look by playing with this and that. I’ll admit I didn’t know if it would work out, so I’m happy with the results. 🙂
      Careful drybrushing with makeup brushes, sponge and brush weathering, some washes, some pigment and some mud effect is the short version. Next time I’m doing a similarly weathered vehicle I’ll take photos as I go and try to write up a reasonable tutorial.

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  1. Ol’ Betsy came out great. All of the weathering techniques really paid off and makes her look like she’s been through the apocalypse for sure. I’m impressed by the sculpt considering it came from a board game. I have painted Mantic’s TWD vehicles and they were not of the quality of Ol’ Betsy. Either that or you painted it so well, that it looks better which could certainly be true 😀

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    • Thank you! Despite being a PVC boardgame sculpt I was actually pretty impressed with it, which is why I was keen to paint it up and use it to help teach myself/experiment with heavy vehicle weathering.

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    • Haha thanks Mark. I need to see if I can get in fcontact with Flying Frog and see if they’ll let me buy a replacement rulebook. The one I have doesn’t retain any smell and isn’t stained, but it’s water-damaged-crumpled and a couple opf pages were damaged by prying them apart. Maybe once I finish all my LNoE models, I’ll point them to the photos and see if they help convince them! 🙂

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    • I’m not sure – it may be a little small from my (limited) experiences with Infinity figures – they seem to overall be taller than the average GW model, while these LNoE models are more like truescale models – something like the original LotR line, Mantic, or Historicals.

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