Zombicide: Green Horde – Trebuchet

Zombicide: Green Horde - Trebuchet

I really haven’t been painting much from the Fantasy Zombicide games over the last couple of years. I get a large Abomination done every so often, or some “3D terrain elements”, but getting to work properly on the game itself is still a ways off, as even with a somewhat renewed Zombicide focus, it’s mostly on the modern stuff. So after sitting on my painting desk for a good couple of years, and pretty inspired by the quick and easy job I got done on the Journeys in Middle Earth Siege Engines, I spotted this thing buried under some junk and decided to just get it done.

Zombicide: Green Horde - Trebuchet

The only differences I really made to the standard playing piece was to heat-treat the rope’n’rocks so I could pull it out from inside the body of the machine and leave it on the ground alongside, and to add that ground alongside by putting it onto an oval base, from Reaper. I’m not sure what all those other ropes are for, but it’s probably best not to ask…

Zombicide: Green Horde - Trebuchet, Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet

The now-completed model can be used in a variety of fantasy games besides Zombidie – it’ll fit into the Warhammers and AoS and LotR and Kings of War games – sure, the base is a bit smaller than standard for a lot of these, but I needed to keep that base small for the model’s primary use – Zombicide.

Zombicide: Green Horde - Trebuchet, Oldhammer WHFB Iron Claw Goblin Catapult Bob Olley,

Using the Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet as well as Oldhammer WHFB Iron Claw Goblin Catapult (couldn’t find the goblin crew easily) show a good range of size comparison with other fantassy game war machines – so as you can see, it’s very usable.