Zombicide: Green Horde – Trebuchet

Zombicide: Green Horde - Trebuchet

I really haven’t been painting much from the Fantasy Zombicide games over the last couple of years. I get a large Abomination done every so often, or some “3D terrain elements”, but getting to work properly on the game itself is still a ways off, as even with a somewhat renewed Zombicide focus, it’s mostly on the modern stuff. So after sitting on my painting desk for a good couple of years, and pretty inspired by the quick and easy job I got done on the Journeys in Middle Earth Siege Engines, I spotted this thing buried under some junk and decided to just get it done.

Zombicide: Green Horde - Trebuchet

The only differences I really made to the standard playing piece was to heat-treat the rope’n’rocks so I could pull it out from inside the body of the machine and leave it on the ground alongside, and to add that ground alongside by putting it onto an oval base, from Reaper. I’m not sure what all those other ropes are for, but it’s probably best not to ask…

Zombicide: Green Horde - Trebuchet, Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet

The now-completed model can be used in a variety of fantasy games besides Zombidie – it’ll fit into the Warhammers and AoS and LotR and Kings of War games – sure, the base is a bit smaller than standard for a lot of these, but I needed to keep that base small for the model’s primary use – Zombicide.

Zombicide: Green Horde - Trebuchet, Oldhammer WHFB Iron Claw Goblin Catapult Bob Olley,

Using the Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet as well as Oldhammer WHFB Iron Claw Goblin Catapult (couldn’t find the goblin crew easily) show a good range of size comparison with other fantassy game war machines – so as you can see, it’s very usable.

21 thoughts on “Zombicide: Green Horde – Trebuchet

  1. Now that looks really nice! 🙂 The first picture makes it look massive, but it’s quite a nice size compared to the figures and other war machines. Good idea to move the sling and rocks and lay them alongside. I can’t see the point of the ropes wound round the beams either – seem too short to be useful for looping through the lifting/pulling rings, but they do give it some character!

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  2. Very nice. I’ve finally started to get around to some of the KS exclusive heroes from Green Horde. Always glad to see someone hitting up the models, more inspiration.

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    • Sounds good, Joe – post yours up somewhere with a link as you get them done if you can. I could certainly use the Zombicide inspiration even if I’m not up to many of the Fantasy models right now…


  3. Good thinking on making the ropes and sling a bit more visible, it’s a nice feature so it’d be a shame for it to be hidden away. Looks like one of those work-horse models that’ll come in handy in all kinds of situations too.

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    • Yeah, it didn’t make any sense to me, unless it was in the middle of being transported – but then the net would be empty of rocks. Probably better not to overthink the internal logic of a boardgame piece, but at least it looks better this way…

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  4. Some engineer said “You can never have too many ropes!” and proceeded to decorate the entire weapon before being fired by the Chief Accountant! Great looking piece and those ropes look so damned realistic, nice work on those!

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  5. Hi Azazel, Vermonter from the old Dakka forums here. I’ve always enjoyed your work, and these days I’m in the grip of a big Oldhammer turn myself, so now I appreciate your posts even more. As you seem less present on Dakka, I’m really glad to have found you here. I’ve never understood how you get so much mini painting done at such a high standard; it’s a work ethic and level of artistic productivity that I find difficult to fathom. But it’s also an inspiration, and I’m now reorganizing my workspace, hoping to follow in your footsteps.

    One question – have you ever tried your hand at sculpting? How far have you gone with greenstuff kitbashing? Is there a particular post here you could point me towards to see some of that work? Oldhammerwise, what I remember from Dakka was your impressive collection of classic Citadel work and your talented painting. With “New Oldhammer” being a bit of a boutique industry these days, I just wondered if perhaps you’d ever tried your hand at sculpting a Chaos Renegade or somesuch yourself. You have the deep understanding of the aesthetic, the creativity, and the artistic talent (certainly in terms of painting) to do it well.

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    • Hey mate! Long time no see and glad to have you here! 😀
      Yeah, after awile of posting on both here and Dakka simultaneously the timne committment was more than I could handle, and given I got consistently more feedback on my own blog (plus more control, no mods to tiptoe around at times, etc) so I made the decision to concentrate here. Though even here I’ve had several breaks of several months when life got busy.
      Love to see your work posted up somewhere, though if you do start a blog of some sort I’d sadly have to probably recommend Blogspot at this point in time over WordPress as they decided to suddenly act like a pack of cunts towards new accounts at the start of April (see, no mods! 😉 ) – more info here
      As for sculpting – it’s something I’d like to do more of, but I just haven’t had the time to really get into it and get good. I’ve only done a couple of small things and I don’t even know where they are (they never got painted or photographed) – so I’m still largely in the realm of gap filling and occasionally adding some small bit of texture to a bigger gap (fur, etc). It *does* feel like something I should be able to do and be decent at, since I can paint eyes on minis – but yeah, I’ve just never dedicated the time to it. Maybe now that you’ve posted that glowing bit of praise, I’ll start to add some simple bits to existing models and see how that goes. I’ve got plans to convert a couple of specific chaos champions down the road, so maybe I can add some sculpty work to them as well?


  6. Ooh, my first thought when I saw this was that it might fit in really well with LOTR and wouldn’t you know it, you proved that it does! Great job painting this up and it is such a versatile mini that I’m sure you’ll get plenty of use out of it in the future.

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    • Thanks Roger – we enjoyed the hell out of Black Plague back when we played it, we then moved onto Green Horde, but unfortunately the differentiation between the Goblin Runners and the Orc Walkers (or whatever they’re exactly called) was pretty poor, so we ended up shelving it and haven’t been back to it since.
      One day….


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