May 2022 – Personal Painting Round-Up, Monster MAYhem ’22 Round-Up

Well, it took awhile for me to be able to get to these photos, but today I was finally able to get out there, set up the background mat and photograph the models I managed to complete in May.

The month’s models were pretty obviously dominated by models completed as part of this year’s Monster MAYhem challenge over at Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging, but I’ll chat a little more about that later. I did finally get Cursed City’s Emelda Braskov completed, initially inspired by one of Wudugast’s models.

I also continued slowly chipping away at my Flames of War Afrika Korps force, with four AA halftracks completed. I really need to get this force finished, so I’m going to be trying to get more done in what’s left of June and also through July and August.

Only one Zombicide survivor (and zombvivor) painted in the month (Wanda in ther same post was finished in April), so a little disappointing on that note as I’ve been tyring to get at least 2 characters/4 models done each month, though I did get all of the non-player characters/monsters done from the Ghostbusters set as part of the Monster MAYhem, challenge. I’ve got the Zombicide survivor situation a little more under control in June, though.

I started a few extra Black Plague models, and didn’t get them finished, but I did at least paint the Trebuchet from the same game, which has been bouncing around between the painting desk and verious tubs for several years.

The Monster MAYhem challenge that I’ve mentioned a few times is the sort fo thing I find useful each time they roll around for the additional motivation to paint monster models and get them completed. After starting with the Reaper Baguette, I actually managed to apply some focus to myself and rather than painting random Bones models for half or more of the month, I was able to paint a different kind of breakdown of models.I started by getting to work on the weird old Call of Cthulhu Byakhee model and getting it done and off the desk.

I always found the Shieldwolf Yetis a surprisingly difficult set of models for me to paint, so I finally got the last of those done; The Ghostbusters models as described are for a boardgame set I’m actively working on, as was the Spawn of Ungoliant – with a bonus use in the LotR SBG. I knocked out the Nolzur’s Earth Elementals, leaving me with only the Fire ones to paint down the line (if I can find them).

I got both of the heavy, metal monsters I assembled for Monster March to the paint table and managed to finish the pair of them – giving me a rather nice Mordor Troll and a pretty wonky-sculpt-but-looks-good-completed Minotaur Lord. Two large models that were bought when they were new and current and then simply sat in storage boxes until these challenges motivated me to almost randomly pluck them out and get them done. I was also able to paint a rather nice pair of Bob Olley Ogres simply for the pleasure of doing it.

In the end, May was quite an enjoyable and satisfying month of painting. Almost no “filler” (the Bulette) and aside from that one – overwhelmingly they were models I enjoyed painting or was very satisfied to have completed – most of which have an actual meaningful use in games I intend to play again. The numbers are once again down a little bit this past month, with 24 models completed (if I count the AA halftracks with 2-3 crew as a single model each!) – I’ll give myself an extra 5 for those ones I had to paint seperatey and then add to the models -so 29. Still less than the 1-per-day regardless, but I’m pretty happy with the models I got, so it’s a win. Add those 29 to the 150 I had complete by the end of April and it gives me 179 models so far for 2022.

We’ll see how June’s numbers work out in the next week or so. I’m up to 23 so far, and I’ll finally get new pics up every couple of days again instead of terrain reviews. 🙂