Heavy Metal Thunder! Iron Warriors Vindicator (Mechanismo May ’19)

Iron Warriors Vindicator

It took another 5 months following the Iron Warriors Rhino that took me forever to complete, but now I’ve FINALLY got this Vindicator done! As with the Rhino and the Dreadnought (Hellbrute), this model was bought second-hand from the same guy back over a decade ago, and then took me a long, long time to get around to stripping off the over-done spikes and replacing a few parts.

Iron Warriors Vindicator

I built a new set of combi-weapons for the pintle turret mount, in this case a bolter and flamer combo. The launchers can work either as smoke or possibly as Havoc Launchers (I searched and searched, but I just couldn’t find a legit set of Havocs!)

Iron Warriors Vindicator

I removed a few sets of hazard stripes that weren’t to my liking and simply painted those panels either black or metallic. The striping on the weapons combined with the dozer blade seemed enough, so I didn’t feel a huge need to add in more on the top or sides.

Iron Warriors Vindicator

The Vindicator and its Demolisher Cannon obviously owes a direct debt of inspiration to the Sturmtiger from WWII. The reason that the Vindicator tank destroyer (and the Predator MBT, and the Whirlwind) are all based on the Rhino APC chassis – even today – is because the only plastic vehicles available in those early Rogue Trader days were the Rhino and the Land Raider (which with it’s WWI tank stylings was not going to work for these concepts).

As you can see above, we’ve got the very first Vindicator and what later became the Whirlwind from an old, old White Dwarf. Some time afterwards, in 1995-ish, TimDuPertis (later Armorcast) sold a licenced conversion kit that replaced the stock front glacis plate of the Rhino with the cannon. A few years later, GW rather suddenly cancelled the licences to make 3rd party products that companied liked Armourcast and Forgeworld (yes, really) and Epicast held. They then brought many of the designs that others had been creating into their new in-house resin shop, which is the Forge World that still exists today.

This particular model is actually long, long out of production, but it’s the original (GW) Forge World resin conversion kit on a Rhino Chassis, as seen above.

Iron Warriors Vindicator

So here it is. The third of those three Iron Warriors pieces finally complete. Now I have a few other half-finished vehicles to try and get complete, but I’m pretty open for my next big piece of Iron Warriors Heavy Metal. Predator? Land Raider? Sicarian? Basilisk/Medusa?

Iron Warriors Rhino APC (Diabolical December ’18)

So it’s apparently been over a year since I finished any models for my Iron Warriors. I think we can all agree that that is a bit rubbish. (And no, that Atilla that I just finished doesn’t count!)

This Rhino is actually one of the first “proper” Iron Warriors models that I ever got – it was part of the purchase made from the same guy who sold me the Forgeworld Dreadnought/Helbrute linked above back around 2005-6 or so. Like the dreadnought, it was fully painted, albeit not to the standard that I was fully happy with, and it had a rather odd, heavily converted tank commander hanging out of the top. I’m not sure what I did with him, but I did see it somewhere last year. No matter, as it didn’t fit my own vision for the Iron Warriors.

Speaking of “my vision”, this thing was covered in spikes. Specifically, those bloody “fence railings” that come in the Chaos Vehicle “upgrade” sprue. Now, I don’t *hate* them, but they do become a bit tiresome when you seen to find them on every bloody Chaos vehicle around. I can certainly see them making sense in my vision of a Night Lords or Word Bearers force, but for me, the Iron Warriors are more about blunt force than an excess of spikes, so they had to go. So anyway, I pried them off and cleaned up where they had been affixed.

Other things I changed from the original paint were the slightly uneven hazard striping on the doors to black and a complete do-over of the top hatches’ hazard striping. Essentially using the original paint as a coloured undercoat/rough guide. I added all of the shading to the bronze areas, and picked out each individual rivet in silver, added all of the paint chips, wear and weathering, redid the grey highlights on all of the black areas and cleaned up some of the highlights/edging on the silver areas.

I also reworked the rear access hatch, redoing the Eye of Horus in red gemstone paint and adding a blue tint that you can’t see in the photos to the roundel around the Eye. My new commander (and hit hatch) also pops in and out of the hole. I went with a custom combi-plasma mostly because I couldn’t find a combi-bolter or a storm bolter, but did find half of a storm bolter, so I got an old-school plasma gun and a set of paired grips and did a little bit of cutting and gluing to make it work okay on the mount, but went with the “at rest” weapon pose. The commander is made from the standard lower legs from the Rhino kit, and an upper torso from my ill-fated Puppetswar purchase. There’s even a bubble-hole on his chest, but it’s less obvious due to the placement of the guns, and on this guy we can just call it a touch of battle damage (I couldn’t be arsed filling it). The head is from a plastic Grey Knight. I gave him the grey-purple-greenish complexion that I’ve done on my other unhelmeted Iron Warriors. I liked the combination of exposed cable and the skullcap, which I painted in a leather brown as a nod to the leather helmets worn by WWII tank crew (and Donald Sutherland’s Oddball!) I did putty over the =I= symbol on the forehead, though!

The chain was already affixed, but it was plain, shiny metal, so adding a paint/wash mix to it gave it some depth also made it no longer stand out from the rest of the model in an awkward way. Originally, I’d painted the interior of the commander hatches in a duck egg green, since that’s a real colour used for that sort of thing, but it didn’t “feel” right, so I redid it at the last minute (as in, after the “final” coat of varnish in my custom Necromunda Blue, and then revarnished by brush. Much better.

So now I only have one more of the models to go from that original IW purchase all those years ago! Not sure if I’ll manage to get it done in December, as there are two other models I’d like to prioritise – but we’ll see how it all works out…