Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines – Group Shot!

Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marine Army

Happy 40k Day! With the release of 8th Edition today, I’ve got a few pics of my completed Iron Warriors force so far. Nominally 43 Power Rating right here (I’m short 3 cultists and 1 Obliterator to “properly” be 43). I haven’t looked into “proper” points values of the force yet. That will come later on.

Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marine Tactical Squad

The “First” Squad of my Iron Warriors is the “Tactical” Squad. I used to have names for all of these guys written down, so I’ll edit them in if and when I ever find my old lists. These guys are PR9. And yes, I am working out the “simple” PL value of this army as I write the text of this post! 😉

Legions of Steel Nightmares, Iron Warriors Cultists

These “discount terminators” are a bunch of Legions of Steel “Nightmares” that I painted earlier this year. I figure they look like perfect Chaos Cultists for an Iron Warriors army. Obviously less “cultists” than “automatons created by an allied Dark Mechanicus Forgeworld”, they fit the IW aesthetic and are a portent of some other WIP stuff yet to join this army. They’re PR3 for 10, so I’ll combine the leftovers with the ones that you’ll see in a little while. There’s one with a chunkier weapon, so that can be the squad’s Heavy Stubber, and I’ll probably have to glue a skull to one of their bases to mark the “champion”. Or find a slightly fancier looking robo-skellyman from somewhere to lead them. So the skull for now.

Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marine Obliterators

The Obliterators. Sorta-illegal at this point, they’re now purchased in units of 3 for 10PR. So it’s simply going to be a matter of finding my other models, and getting at least one of them painted in the same manner as these guys. And then deciding if the others become Iron Warriors or go to a different Legion from my long-term plan… In the interim, I’m sure friendly games will happily let me run them at 7PR.

Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marine Lord

For the time being, my former Exalted Champion becomes a PR5 Iron Warriors Lord. I guess his “Thunder Hammer” gets to “officially” be a lowly Power Maul, though I’m also sure that friends and casual opponents will be fine with letting me use the TH stats.

Iron Warriors Assault Chaos Space Marines

My second Iron Warriors squad appears to be illegal now, due to the presence of two power weapons – the sword and the fist. That’s without even considering “Tempus Malleus” might have a Thunder Hammer rather than a Hydraulic Hammer (aka CCW – though in this case I think they’re all “chainswords” now). I’m fine with that.

Oddly, because of the extra Power Weapon, it seems that the way to run this unit “legally” is simply to split it in twain. Instead of one 10-man, PR9 CSM “Assault” squad, I now have two 5-man PR5 CSM “Assault” squads. Again, that’s easy, so I’m fine with it. I can bump them “both” up to 10 later by building and painting more models. Simply looking at the figures I’ve got completed, perhaps I’ll visually lean one more towards “Chaos Marines” while the other will lean towards “Horus Heresy Traitors” in terms of armour makeup.

River Horse Terminator Genisys

What’s this? Terminators of the Arnie kind rather than of the Space Marine kind? Yes. These guys are from River Horse/Warlord’s Terminator Genisys game. Why are they here? The same reason that the Legions of Steel Nightmares are, of course. Proxy “cultists”. I’m not sure which one is the “champion”. The one with 2 skulls, probably. I’ll convert up a TG heavy weapon down the line and that can then fill in their Heavy Weapon slot. Another PR3.

River Horse Terminator Genisys Crawlers

These Terminator models are obviously feeling a little under the weather. Obviously without any ballistic weapons, these are the ones armed with an autopistol and brutal assault weapon. Just squint and I’m sure it’ll make sense! I’ll add them to one of the other “cultist” automaton units, along with the pair of extra Nightmares for +3PR.

There’s still a lot to add to this force. More Warriors, Chosen, Havocs, Raptors, Khorne Berserkers, a Warpsmith, Sorcerers, Obliterators, Terminators, Dreadnoughts, Contemptors, a Vindicator or two, transports, FW tanks… The army may have been born over a decade ago, but This Tale of Iron has barely begun…

Terminator Genisys – T-800 Endoskeletons (River Horse/Warlord Games)

River Horse Teminator Genisys Plastic T-800 Endoskeletons, Endoskeleton Crawlers

Recently I found and painted up a bunch of “Nightmares” from the long-OOP game Legions of Steel that I’d had stored in various boxes of random figures since the 1990’s. Clearly these models were inspired by James Cameron’s Terminator films, and given that I recently purchased some Terminator Genisys starter sets from Warlord Games when they were on deep Black Friday discount (because rofl@£70.00), I figured I should paint up some of the actual figures. The Resistance figures don’t excite me all that much, so I’ll likely not start on those until all of the Machines are done.

River Horse Teminator Genisys Plastic T-800 Endoskeletons

Right-handed T-800 Endoskeletons…

I set some of the Endos aside to work out weapon swaps a bit later, and just decided to knock out a set worth as stock figures. If need be, I can run Imperial Guardsmen, etc as Resistance if I want to learn and play the game in the meantime, but let’s be realistic, that’s not happening anytime soon.

River Horse Teminator Genisys Plastic T-800 Endoskeletons

Left-handed T-800 Endoskeletons…

I painted these using the same methods as the Nightmares so they share the same palette and will fit in nicely alongside one another. As originally considered, the Nightmares can act as T-600s/Prototype Endos in the Terminator game, and the T-800 Endoskeletons can join the Nightmares as Iron Warriors cultists as needed – more abominations courtesy of the Dark Mechanicum. I also added a few skulls to some of their bases because Terminator.

River Horse Teminator Genisys T-800 Plastic Endoskeleton Crawlers

“Crawler” T-800 Endoskeletons.

I also knocked out 5 “crawlers” using the same methods. Not sure what they’ll be used for outside of the Terminator Genisys game, but hey, they were easy to paint and they add another 5 models to my completed numbers for the YTD.

River Horse Teminator Genisys Plastic T-800 Endoskeletons, Endoskeleton Crawlers, Legions of Steel Nightmares

Legions of Steel Nightmares provide T-600/Prototype support to their T-800 Endoskeleton brethren.

River Horse Teminator Genisys Plastic T-800 Endoskeletons, Endoskeleton Crawlers, Legions of Steel Nightmares, Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

T-800 Endoskeletons and Legions of Steel Nightmares as Iron Warrior’s Chaos Cultists.