The Iron Plague #2: Iron Warrior Plague Marines (1995)

Iron Warrior Plague Marines (1995)

This next pair of Plague Marine models hail from two years later than the previous batch, this time the models are from 1995. At this point they had been redesigned somewhat. Or perhaps tweaked is the more appropriate term. The helmets had been changed from the MKVII (Aquila) variant as GW started to back off slightly from the overly-aggressive retcon of all marine armour from MKVI to MKII. Their new helmets are a more unique style. The “gas mask” look was starting to creep in, influenced no doubt by the Pickelhaube-esque spikes on their helmets – which had also been toned down and were now more in tune with actual Pickelhaube spikes.

This pair are based on the same model. One that I’d painted previously, modelled doing the crotch chop (nWo, not DX) and the other, originally modelled in the pointing pose and part-painted by Matt F and acquired by me after he lost interest in a Plague Marine force, which sat in a case for 15 years before being repainted in the copper-and-black livery of these guys over the last month or so.

Iron Warrior Plague Marines (1995)

The trio of skulls on their pauldrons are of course reflective of Nurgle’s mark. The stowed bolter on the left-hand plague marine has been repainted from a metallic red, and I think looks much nicer now.

Iron Warrior Plague Marines (1995)

Their other shoulders have been updated, once again with “Iron Legion” Skull icons from Pop Goes the Monkey on Shapeways for the Iron Warriors army badge. I really do like those badges, and I think I’d best grab another set ASAP. These guys don’t get a IV Legion army badge, since they’re very likely later, post-heresy additions to the Iron Warriors.

10 thoughts on “The Iron Plague #2: Iron Warrior Plague Marines (1995)

  1. Nice work on some cool models. Plague Marines seem to suit the Iron Warriors fairly well, being both based around stoicism and resilience. Good to see one of those old Ork bolters being used as a Chais marine weapon: the best use of them, I think.

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    • Thanks – and I think you’re right. Especially with these older Plague Marines, I think they’re able to fit in with the Iron Warriors much more easily than the newest models (which I also love, but they’re a bit too gribbly to be Iron Warriors).

      Agreed with you on those Ork weapons – they’re better than the odd/goofy original plastic Ork bolters, but they’re still a bit too …uniform and imperial looking. The integral metal ones on the old models look the part (if a little small by today’s standards), as do the current line of Nelson ones.

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    • Thank you Mark. I guess the thing with both Warhammer (Fantasy, pre-AoS) and 40k is that while they’re both incredibly derivative, they had a long enough time for so many people to layer more and more over the top of their historical/literary/pop culture mash-up universes over all those years to make something that’s (mostly) cool and “unique” (if you squint, anyway!)

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