Orktober 2017 #6/WAAAAGH! Pt.9: 40k Ork Slugga Boyz.

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

And yep, another three Orks today. I figured that I could have shown all six in one post on a 2-day turnaround, or just post them three at a time over two days. So I’m doing the latter to give them all a bit more space. Besides, they took me long enough to get finished, so I’m good with giving them a bit more individual showcase. It’s not like it’ll happen for these models again as any new posts with them will either be much larger group shots or battle reports, so I’ll give the hours of work these guys took their moment in the spotlight. 😛

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

As with yesterday’s camo schemes, we’ve got British Desert DPM and three variations on that Yugoslav “puzzle” pattern, all with different palettes. The idea is that when these Orks are all mixed together, they’ll all be unique yet unified by their camo gear. Besides, even with Blood Axes, I can’t see Orks being better at wearing unified camo than, say Russian troops. 😉

16 thoughts on “Orktober 2017 #6/WAAAAGH! Pt.9: 40k Ork Slugga Boyz.

  1. As I have said before, I like your camo orks quite a bit. I’m thinking of doing some camo on my cultists (as I also said before, hehe) and I wanted to ask you: it looks like you didn’t do any kind of a wash on the uniforms, confining yourself to by the looks of it washing the boots, metal parts, and such. Is that the case? I’m still debating if I want to have the camo look dirty and if so whether or not to wash it. If I do wash it, I’m thinking of washing it after finishing the camo versus doing the base coat, washing it, then doing the camo, and finally washing it again with a much lighter touch of wash.

    Complicated for pieces people hardly look at at in games. 🙂

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    • Through trial and error, I’ve found that the usual kind of wash tends to bury all your work on a camo scheme by turning it into a brown soup.

      On these Ork models, after adding the camo patterns I’ve used Army Painter Soft Tone, diluted 1:1 with Lahmian Medium – so it’s just enough to give a little bit of depth the the creases in the clothing without overpowering the entire segment of cloth. I also “line-wash” around things like the oversized stitching, and clothing seams.

      Finally, I use a subtle drybrush of bone (whichever brand, doesn’t matter) to give a bit of a dusty, weathered effect which also subtly brings out the highlights of the folds and gives the camo a bit of a slight sun-bleached look. This is how I do shading and highlighting on things like camo patterns that don’t really lend themselves well to the usual techniques.

      IMO – do the camo, wash lightly (you can always do a second one, or go heavier on lower legs) then light drybrush. That way you keep your camo looking like camo.

      Alternatively to rewashing with standard washes for the weathering, you could mix up some weathering powders (brown + black, or brown, or red-brown, or….) with some Matte varnish and a touch of medium and apply to taste from the knees down for a realistic worn-in look. Elbows, forearms & other areas optional.

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    • And yeah it is. That’s why I’m ok with featuring them here in pairs and trios at a time. Much like your poxwalkers – it’s probably their (and your work on them) only moment in the sun – ever.

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      • So true. It is their 15 minutes, no, seconds of fame. I do have a couple of gaming friends who are kind enough to check out my stuff when they see it on the table for the first time, but then it quickly blends into the overall melange of stuff they are trying to figure out how to kill.

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      • I know the exact feeling. Sometimes people browse them but even by then they’re just a part of a whole (mob/squad/unit/whatever) rather than the individuals we paint them as. A big reason I stopped waiting until I had full units of 10 or 16 or 20, etc models finished to show them here. I’ve got some high elf units made of near-identical models, so I’ll wait till they’re all done, but they’re the exception much more than the rule.

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